City of Excelsior Springs, MO
Clay County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Advertising, ch. 615; alcoholic beverages, ch. 600; amusements, ch. 610; mobile homes, ch. 535; peddlers, ch. 630; taxicabs, ch. 620; electricians, §515.010 et seq.; plumbers, §530.020 et seq.; cigarette tax, ch. 145 art. III; permit required for distribution of handbills, §615.060; registration and licensing of motor vehicles, ch. 380 art. II; enhanced enterprise zone — ad valorem tax abatement policy, §145.560.
State Law References — Authority to impose taxes on certain businesses, §94.110, RSMo.; imposition of tax on businesses limited, §71.610, RSMo.
Article I Generally

Section 605.010 Doing Business Without Payment of Tax Prohibited.

Section 605.012 Compliance With Zoning Requirements.

Section 605.014 Payment of Other Taxes Required for Issuance of Any License or Permit — Exceptions.

Section 605.016 Collector-Treasurer to Check Unpaid Personal Taxes and Merchant's Taxes.

Section 605.018 License Year — Annually.

Section 605.020 Application of Chapter Provisions.

Section 605.030 Application of Other Provisions.

Section 605.040 Application.

Section 605.050 False Statement in License Application — Penalty.

Section 605.060 When Licenses Delinquent — Penalty for Delinquency.

Section 605.063 False Statements in Application for License, Etc. — Unlawful.

Section 605.065 False Statements — Causing Reduction in License Fee — Penalty.

Section 605.070 Examination of Books and Records of Licensees by Collector-Treasurer.

Section 605.075 Form and Content of Licenses.

Section 605.080 Issuance.

Section 605.090 Change of Location of Place of Doing Business.

Section 605.100 Building Permits Not to Be Issued Until Contractors Have Obtained a License and Paid Tax.

Section 605.110 Transfers Prohibited — No Refund of License Fee if Business Discontinued.

Section 605.120 Separate License Each Place of Business.

Section 605.130 Multiple Occupations.

Section 605.140 Notification of Sale or Lease of a Portion of Premises.

Section 605.150 Display of License Required.

Section 605.160 Duplicates.

Section 605.170 Exemption From Paying Tax Generally.

Section 605.180 Requirement of Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Section 605.190 Internal Change in Business.

Section 605.200 Suspension and Revocation of Licenses and Permits.

Section 605.205 Accounts Required of Collector-Treasurer.

Article II Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Section 605.210 Pawnbrokers Regulated.

Section 605.220 Occupational License Taxes on Gas.

Section 605.230 Occupational License Tax on Electrical Service.

Section 605.240 Occupational License Tax on Telephone Service.

Section 605.250 (Reserved)

Article III Merchants, Theater Operators, and Miscellaneous Businesses and Occupations Licensed Annually

Section 605.260 Definitions.

Section 605.270 License Required — Registration — Compliance Required.

Section 605.280 Amount of Tax and Determination Thereof on Annual Basis.

Section 605.290 Declaration of Previous Year's Business to Be Made and Filed Under Oath.

Section 605.300 Information Obtained From Examination of Licensee's Records to Be Confidential — Except on Witness Stand.

Section 605.400 Gasoline Pre-Payment or Pre-Approval Required.