City of Gerald, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50[1]]
There is hereby created the Gerald Parks and Beautification Commission. The provisions of this Article shall apply to all park areas and common grounds within the corporate limits of the City. "Park areas" shall mean all property owned or used by the City of Gerald, Missouri, whether dedicated or not, for the purpose of public use, amusement, pleasure and recreation.
Editor's Note: Section 1 of this ordinance repealed former Art. I, Park and Recreation Board, adopted and/or amended 7-23-1975 by Ord. No. 198 §§ 1 — 7, as amended.
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50]
Such Commission shall be composed of four (4) citizens and one (1) Alderman who shall have voting power and be counted toward determining whether a quorum is present. The citizens referred to and the member of the Board of Aldermen shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Aldermen. Said appointees are to be chosen by the Mayor from nominees provided by the individual members of the Board of Aldermen. Each citizen member and the Aldermanic member of the Commission shall serve a term from the date of appointment and expiring on the third Monday of April of each odd year and thereafter until a successor is appointed, unless such Commission member removes him- or herself from office or is removed from office by the Board of Aldermen for a good cause shown.
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50]
The Commission shall elect a Chairman and Secretary from among the citizen members. The term of Chairman and Secretary shall be for one (1) year, with eligibility for reelection. In the event of the absence of the Chairman, the Commission can select a chair from the Parks and Beautification Commission for that meeting. In the event of the Secretary's absence, the Chair will ensure proper minutes are taken. The Commission shall hold regular meetings and special meetings as they provide by rule and keep a record of its proceedings. The records shall be public records.
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50]
The Parks and Beautification Commission of the City of Gerald shall meet in regular session in the City Hall, 106 E. Fitzgerald Ave., monthly on the Tuesday prior to Board of Aldermen meetings at 7:00 P.M. with the exception of December and January, when no regular meetings will be held.
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50]
To help manage, control, maintain and supervise the use of all park areas and recreational facilities therein by the promulgation of rules and regulations as the Commission and Board of Aldermen may deem necessary and proper. Such rules shall be effective upon order of the Board of Aldermen approving the same when posted within the parks. Violation of such rules and regulations shall be subject to the general penalties provided for in Section 100.100 of this Code.
To anticipate and receive the assistance and cooperation of the Police Department of this City in effectively carrying out the rules and regulations recommended by the Commission and so adopted by the Board of Aldermen.
To make recommendations from time to time to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen urging the manner and means by which park areas and recreational facilities might be improved or acquired to more effectively afford greater enjoyment by the public.
To receive and use any funds and other property forthcoming from private or public sources, as approved by the Board of Aldermen, in furthering the purposes and objectives of the Commission and this Chapter.
Said Commission shall be responsible for making, or causing to have been made, an inventory of the common property and park areas within the City of Gerald, including therein the current status of the trees, shrubs and flowers located within said common grounds or park area, and a plan for additions, or removals, if any, and the maintenance and care of the trees, shrubs and flowers determined by the Commission to be a benefit to the property.
Said plan is to be reviewed no less often than annually by the end of October and in advance of budget preparation with any projected expenses related to removals or additions or special maintenance submitted to the Parks and Beautification Commission to be considered for inclusion in the parks budget.
Except for emergency situations resulting from winds, storms, accidents, sudden disease or other acts of God and conditions determined to be detrimental to public safety by the Board of Aldermen, the removal of trees, shrubs or flowers from public grounds shall conform to and be in accordance with the latest plan approved by the Commission.
[Ord. No. 846 § 1, 6-8-2017, 50]
In addition to the annual inventory of common property and park areas, and improvements thereto through removal or additions of trees, shrubs and flowers on public grounds, the Commission may properly consider and recommend legislation deemed proper to advance and protect the grounds and plantings in the City's parks and common grounds, or relating to new or existing plantings within the City on private property which would add to the beauty of the City or the overall safety of the citizens of the City, including any educational program deemed necessary to educate the citizens to the plan. The Aldermanic member shall be responsible for introducing legislation to the Board of Aldermen as recommended by the Commission.