City of Ironton, MO
Iron County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Dogs and Cats

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Section 205.020 Leashing Requirement.

Section 205.030 Number of Cats or Dogs.

Section 205.040 Rabies Vaccination — Required.

Section 205.050 Annual Registration.

Section 205.060 Dogs and Cats — Running at Large.

Section 205.070 Dogs and Cats May Be Redeemed by the Owner — How.

Section 205.080 Dogs and Cats Shall Be Killed or Disposed of — When.

Section 205.090 Annoying, Barking Dogs, Complaints.

Section 205.100 Failure of Owner To Redeem Animal.

Section 205.110 Failure to Pay Registration Fee.

Section 205.120 Interfering With Police Officers or Animal Control Officer.

Section 205.130 Requirements for Keeping a Vicious Dog.

Section 205.140 Keeping of Pit Bulls Prohibited.

Article II Control of Animals

Section 205.150 Animal Waste Prohibited on Public and Private Property — Exception.

Section 205.160 Animals Running at Large — Prohibited.

Section 205.170 Regulating the Riding, Etc., of Horses, Mules and Donkeys.

Section 205.180 Impoundment of Animal Found Off Property of Owner or Custodian, Disposition, Procedure — Liability of Owner.

Section 205.190 Fees Charged for Each Animal Impounded.

Section 205.200 Redemption of Animals.

Section 205.210 City Pound.

Section 205.220 Responsibility of Parent or Guardian of Minor Owning.

Section 205.230 Animal Trespass.

Section 205.240 Knowingly Releasing an Animal.

Section 205.250 Quarantine Order To Be Issued by Mayor — To Be Published and Posted.

Section 205.260 Dangerous Wild Animals Prohibited.

Article III Animal Welfare

Section 205.270 Animal Neglect or Abandonment.

Section 205.280 Animal Abuse.

Article IV Keeping of Chickens

Section 205.290 Number and Type of Chickens Allowed.

Section 205.300 Noncommercial Use.

Section 205.310 Enclosures.

Section 205.320 Henhouses and Chicken Tractors.

Section 205.330 Location of Henhouse or Chicken Tractor.

Section 205.340 Odor and Noise Impacts.

Section 205.350 Predators Rodents Insects and Parasites.

Section 205.360 Feed and Water.

Section 205.370 Waste Storage and Removal.

Section 205.380 Chickens at Large.

Section 205.390 Unlawful Acts.

Section 205.400 Nuisances.

Section 205.410 Continuing Violations.

Section 205.420 Chicken Owner.