Village of Spring Lake, MI
Ottawa County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted as Ch. 70, Art. IV, of the 2000 Code of Ordinances]
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
The former Grand Trunk Railroad right-of-way, which is owned by the Village, as situated easterly of Buchanan Street and westerly of Lake Avenue in the Village for a width of 100 feet for its entire length, and easterly of Lake Avenue and westerly of Fruitport Road for its entire length for a width of 50 feet.
Includes individuals, firms, joint ventures, partnerships, corporations, clubs and all associations or organizations or natural persons, either corporate or unincorporated, howsoever operated in name, whether acting by themselves or by a servant, agent or fiduciary, including all legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns.
The occupancy and use of the Grand Trunk right-of-way shall be restricted and regulated as follows:
No person shall use, occupy or be upon the Grand Trunk right-of-way other than by means of pedestrian nonmotorized conveyance or use.
No person shall discharge onto the Grand Trunk right-of-way any wastes or wastewater, or shall place or permit to be placed any trash, debris, junk or other such similar items; and no burning of any things or items shall be permitted on the Grand Trunk right-of-way.
No person shall remove any growing vegetation from the Grand Trunk right-of-way or disturb the soil or excavate such soil or remove any soil from such Grand Trunk right-of-way.
Upon prior application in writing by a person to the Village Manager, the Village Manager, upon review of such application and the reasons stated in such application and the receipt of an application fee in an amount determined to be appropriate by the Village, may issue the person a permit to do such things or activities as would otherwise be prohibited by this article. Such permit when issued shall state the terms and conditions deemed appropriate by the Village Manager and shall be in effect for the length of time provided for in such permit. Any person having a permit issued pursuant to this article shall hold the Village harmless for any and all claims for damages for injuries or to the property arising out of the activities carried on in the Grand Trunk right-of-way by such person.
No unauthorized person shall enter to maliciously, willfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, tamper with, deface or otherwise harm any of the Grand Trunk right-of-way or any structure, appurtenance, equipment or other part of the right-of-way.
This article shall not repeal, abrogate or annul or in any way impair or interfere with existing provisions of other ordinances of the Village or with state law, except where those have been specifically repealed at the time of the adoption of this article. Where provisions of any state law, rule or regulation or other Village ordinance which may be applicable impose greater restrictions or other duties on persons concerning Grand Trunk right-of-way than those restrictions and standards contained in this article, then the provisions of such law, rule, regulation or ordinance shall control.
Any violation of this article is declared to be a public nuisance.
Any person who violates, disobeys, omits, neglects or refuses to comply with or resists the enforcement of this article shall be responsible for a municipal civil infraction, subject to § 1-2. Increased civil fines may be imposed for “repeated violations,” which means a second or subsequent municipal civil infraction violation committed by a person within any twelve-month period and for which a person admits responsibility or is determined to be responsible. The increased civil fine for repeat violations is set forth in § 1-2.[2]
Editor's Note: Added at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 25, Municipal Civil Infractions.