City of Ironton, MO
Iron County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Construction and Repair of Streets and Sidewalks

Section 515.010 Authority of Board of Aldermen to Improve and Construct Streets.

Section 515.020 Grades To Be Established Before Construction Begins.

Section 515.030 Authority of Board of Aldermen to Construct and Repair Sidewalks.

Section 515.040 Owner May Improve Streets and Construct Sidewalks — When.

Section 515.050 Sidewalks To Be Built According to Grade of Streets.

Section 515.060 Specifications for Sidewalks.

Section 515.070 Construction of Sidewalks Under Directions of Street and Alley Committee.

Section 515.080 Costs — How Paid.

Section 515.090 Violations and Penalties.

Article II Vacation Procedure

Section 515.100 Initiation of Proceedings by Resolution or Petition.

Section 515.110 Resolution or Petition To Include Description of Land Involved.

Section 515.120 Publication of Notice.

Section 515.130 Cost Deposits.

Section 515.140 Vacations Affecting Public or City Utilities or Easements.

Section 515.150 Plats.

Section 515.160 Vacation by Ordinance.

Section 515.170 Determinations for Vacation.

Section 515.180 Effect on Existing Uses.

Section 515.190 Reversion of Title.

Article III Obstructions

Section 515.200 Failure To Keep Sidewalks Free From Obstructions.

Section 515.210 Gutters, Drains and Sidewalks To Be Free of Obstructions.

Section 515.220 Obstructing Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks.

Article IV Additional Regulations

Section 515.230 Damaging Sidewalks and Curbing by Crossing With Heavy Equipment.

Section 515.240 Breaking or Damaging Any Curb or Roadway.

Section 515.250 Penalty for Failure To Repair a Break or Hole in Any Sidewalk.

Section 515.260 Trespassing on Any Closed Street or Alley.

Section 515.270 Failure to Properly Fence and Light Excavations.

Section 515.280 Awnings To Be Erected Properly.