Borough of Elizabethtown, PA
Lancaster County
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[Ord. 747, 12/16/1993, § 1]
There shall be maintained one or more unobstructed lanes on private property, used by the public, including but not limited to shopping malls, parks and restaurants, to provide for the ingress and egress of fire company vehicles, equipment and personnel, said lanes to be at least 12 feet in width and laid out for convenient access from the public thoroughfares and water supply to the building or buildings. The marking of said lanes shall be performed and maintained at the expense of the property owner or operator. The Borough shall approve of official fire lane designation, the length of the fire lane zone and the fire lane markings in cooperation with the owner and the fire company.
[Ord. 747, 12/16/1993, § 2]
Any police officer or fire company officer may remove or order the removal of any obstruction in the fire lane(s) established pursuant to this Section and have the cost of such removal borne by the owner of the vehicle, equipment or other obstruction plus a cost not to exceed 10% for administrative expenses.
Editor's Note: Former § 203, Penalties (Ord. 747, 12/16/1993, as amended by Ord. 829, 11/15/2001), was repealed by Ord. 945, 2/21/2013.