City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Mayor

Section 105.010 How Elected, Etc.

Section 105.020 Proclamations, Meetings, Elections.

Section 105.030 Appoint Certain Officers.

Section 105.040 (Reserved)

Section 105.045 (Reserved)

Section 105.050 Presiding Over Board of Aldermen — Voting Rights — Supervision of City Affairs.

Section 105.060 Communications to Board.

Section 105.070 Approval of Bills — Veto Power.

Section 105.080 Compensation.

Article II Aldermen

Section 105.090 Qualifications of Aldermen.

Section 105.100 Membership.

Section 105.110 Compensation.

Article III Board of Aldermen — Meetings

Section 105.120 Regular Meetings.

Section 105.130 Special Meetings.

Section 105.140 Quorum.

Section 105.150 Compelling Attendance.

Section 105.160 Effect of Adjourned Meetings.

Section 105.170 Duties of Mayor as President of Board.

Section 105.180 Mayor Pro Tem as Acting President.

Section 105.190 Mayor Pro Tem as Acting President — Duties.

Section 105.200 (Reserved)

Section 105.210 Rules of Order.

Section 105.220 Decorum.

Section 105.221 Proper Etiquette.

Section 105.230 Voting.

Section 105.240 Permission Required for Members to Leave Chamber.

Section 105.250 Order of Business.

Section 105.260 Expression of Dissent or Protest by Member.

Section 105.270 Ordinances — Procedure to Enact.

Section 105.280 Procedure as to Objections Upon Second Reading of Bill.

Section 105.290 When Bills May Be Amended.

Section 105.300 Recordation of "Ayes" and "Nays" on Final Passage.

Section 105.310 Special Committees.

Section 105.320 Journal to Be Kept.

Section 105.330 Rules of Procedure.

Section 105.340 Attendance and Oath of Witnesses — Fee for Execution of Process.

Section 105.350 Amendment or Suspension of Rules.