City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Offenses Against the Person

Section 215.010 Assault.

Section 215.020 Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Section 215.030 Harassment.

Section 215.040 False Imprisonment.

Article II Offenses Concerning Administration of Justice

Section 215.050 False Impersonation.

Section 215.060 False Reports.

Section 215.070 Resisting or Interfering With Arrest.

Section 215.080 Escape or Attempted Escape From Custody.

Section 215.085 Tampering With a Witness — Tampering With a Victim.

Article III Offenses Concerning Public Safety

Section 215.090 Abandonment of Airtight or Semi-Airtight Containers.

Section 215.100 Littering.

Section 215.105 Distribution of Handbills.

Section 215.110 Littering Via Carcasses.

Section 215.120 Corrupting or Diverting Water Supply.

Article IV Offenses Concerning Public Peace

Section 215.130 Peace Disturbance.

Section 215.140 Private Peace Disturbance.

Section 215.145 Excessive Noise.

Section 215.150 Peace Disturbance Definitions.

Section 215.160 Weapons — Carrying Concealed — Other Unlawful Use.

Section 215.170 Discharging Air Gun, Etc.

Section 215.180 Unlawful Transfer of Weapons, Penalty.

Section 215.190 Unlawful Assembly.

Section 215.200 Rioting.

Section 215.210 Refusal to Disperse.

Section 215.220 Explosive or Flammable Devices.

Section 215.230 Disorderly Conduct Prohibited.

Article V Offenses Concerning Property

Section 215.240 Property Damage.

Section 215.250 Trespass.

Section 215.260 Posting of Property Against Trespassers — Violations.

Section 215.270 Tampering.

Section 215.280 Stealing.

Section 215.290 Passing Bad Checks.

Section 215.300 Receiving Stolen Property.

Section 215.310 Encroachment Upon Easement Requires Written Approval.

Article VI Offenses Concerning Prostitution and Morals

Section 215.320 Article Definitions.

Section 215.330 Prostitution.

Section 215.340 Patronizing Prostitution.

Section 215.350 Prostitution and Patronizing Prostitution — Sex of Parties No Defense, When.

Section 215.360 Prostitution Houses Deemed Public Nuisances.

Section 215.370 Indecent Exposure.

Section 215.380 Peeping Toms.

Section 215.390 Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Section 215.395 Public Indecency.

Article VII Offenses Concerning Pornography

Section 215.400 Definitions.

Section 215.410 Promoting Pornography.

Section 215.420 Furnishing Pornographic Materials to Minors.

Article VIII Offenses Concerning Drugs or Alcohol

Section 215.430 Public Use of Intoxicating Substance.

Section 215.440 Possession of Marijuana.

Section 215.445 Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia.

Section 215.450 Inhalation or Inducing Others to Inhale Solvent Fumes to Cause Certain Reactions, Prohibited — Exceptions.

Section 215.460 Inducing, or Possession With Intent to Induce, Symptoms by Use of Solvents, Prohibited.

Section 215.470 Possession or Purchase of Solvents to Aid Others in Violations, Prohibited — Violations of Sections 215.450 to 215.470 — Penalty.

Section 215.475 Prohibition of Sale of Methamphetamine Precursor Drugs.

Section 215.476 Exceptions.

Section 215.477 Prima Facie Evidence.

Section 215.478 Reporting Theft of Methamphetamine Precursor Drugs.

Section 215.479 Violations and Penalties.

Article IX Loitering

Section 215.480 Loitering Definitions.

Section 215.490 Loitering — Police Order to Disperse — Penalty.

Article X (Reserved)

Section 215.500 through Section 215.550. (Reserved)

Article XI Offenses Concerning Streets and Sidewalks

Section 215.560 Obstruction on Street, When Unlawful, Penalty.

Section 215.570 Unlawful Extent of Obstruction — Misdemeanor.

Section 215.580 Street Use Permit — When Required.

Section 215.590 Sidewalks to Be Kept Clean — Penalty.

Section 215.600 Use of Closed Street — Misdemeanor.

Section 215.610 Damage to Public Property — Misdemeanor.

Article XII Miscellaneous Offenses

Section 215.620 Cigarettes to Minors.

Section 215.621 Possession by a Minor of Cigarettes.