City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 710.010 Definitions.

Section 710.020 Unlawful to Place Garbage on Public or Private Property.

Section 710.030 Unlawful Discharge of Sewage to Any Natural Outlet.

Section 710.040 Construction of Septic Tanks, Etc. Unlawful — Connection to Public Sewer Required.

Article II Private Disposal Systems

Section 710.050 Private Sewage Disposal.

Section 710.060 Permit Required.

Section 710.070 Inspection of Installation to Be Made Before Covering.

Section 710.080 Installation Shall Comply With Recommendations.

Section 710.090 Connection Required Upon Availability of Sewer.

Section 710.100 Sanitary Maintenance of Private Sewage Facilities by Owner.

Section 710.110 Statements Not to Interfere With Additional Requirements.

Section 710.120 Permit Required for Building Sewers and Connections.

Section 710.130 Extending Sewer Lines.

Section 710.140 Procedures to Be Followed by Applicants.

Article III Sewer Construction

Section 710.150 Classes of Building Sewer — Fees — Inspection.

Section 710.160 Installation and Connection Costs to Be Borne by Owner.

Section 710.170 Connection Fees.

Section 710.180 Separate Sewer for Each Building — Exception.

Section 710.190 Requirements for Old Building Sewers.

Section 710.200 Construction of Sewer to Conform to Building and Plumbing Codes.

Section 710.210 Elevation of Building Sewer.

Section 710.220 Surface Runoff and Groundwater Prohibited From Draining Into Sanitary Sewer.

Section 710.230 Standards for Connection Into Public Sewer.

Section 710.240 Connection to Be Made Under Supervision of Public Works Director.

Section 710.250 Excavations to Be Guarded and Restored.

Article IV Regulations for Water and Waste Discharge

Section 710.260 Waters Prohibited From Being Discharged Into Sanitary Sewer.

Section 710.270 Discharge Into Storm Sewers.

Section 710.280 Substances Prohibited From All Public Sewers.

Section 710.290 Additional Prohibited Substances.

Section 710.300 Remedies for Prohibited Discharges Into Sewers.

Section 710.310 Interceptors — Specifications.

Section 710.320 Maintenance Requirements for Preliminary Treatment Facilities.

Section 710.330 Requirements for Manhole; and Meters, Etc.

Section 710.340 Standards for Analyses — Sampling Techniques.

Article V Administration and Enforcement

Section 710.350 Agreements Between City and Industry Concerning Acceptance of Unusual Wastes.

Section 710.360 Destruction or Damage to System a Violation.

Section 710.370 Powers and Authority of Inspectors.

Section 710.380 City Employees to Observe Safety Rules.

Section 710.390 Easement Permitting Entry for Inspection, Etc.

Section 710.400 Violations, Provisions.

Section 710.410 Authorizing the Connection of the Sewers and Sewage Systems of the Taney County Common Sewer District.

Article VI Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 710.420 Grinder Pump — Definition.