City of Maryville, MO
Nodaway County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 545.010 Hauling Garbage Through Streets.

Section 545.020 Solicitations From or Distributions to Occupants With Motor Vehicles.

Section 545.030 Building Materials, Etc. — in Streets or Alleys at Night Time — Warning Lights — Flares.

Section 545.040 Marking of Streets and Erection of Signs.

Article II Street Openings — Driveways

Section 545.050 Definitions.

Section 545.060 Motor Vehicles Entering Private Property From Public Streets.

Section 545.070 Unlawful to Construct Driveway Approach Without Permit.

Section 545.080 Application for Permit to Construct Driveway Approach.

Section 545.090 Existing Driveways.

Section 545.100 General Requirements and Regulations Governing All Driveway Approach Work.

Section 545.110 Specific Standards for Residential Driveway Approach Work.

Section 545.120 Specific Standards for Driveway Approach Work Other Than Residential.

Section 545.130 Responsibility of Code Enforcement Officer for Driveway Approach Work.

Section 545.140 Removal and Correction Orders.

Section 545.150 Removal of Abandoned Driveway Approaches.

Section 545.160 Curb Bridging Ramps Unlawful.

Section 545.170 Penalties for Violation of Sections 545.060 Through 545.150.

Section 545.180 Changing, Improving Parkways — Restriction.

Section 545.190 Standards for Issuance of Permits for Plantings on Parkways.

Article III Sidewalks

Section 545.200 Certain Animals and Vehicles — Prohibited.

Section 545.210 Removal of Snow and Ice.

Section 545.220 Building Eave Pipes.

Section 545.230 Sidewalk Repair.

Section 545.240 Sidewalk Construction.

Article IV Special Events — Permits

Section 545.250 Special Events Permitted Upon Public Streets — When.

Section 545.260 Permit Required.

Section 545.270 Application.

Section 545.280 Standards for Issuance.

Section 545.290 Notice of Rejection.

Section 545.300 Appeal Procedure.

Section 545.310 Notice of Issuance.

Section 545.320 Contents of Permit.

Section 545.330 Duties of Responsible Person.

Section 545.340 Public Conduct During Special Events.

Section 545.350 Revocation of Permit.

Section 545.360 Violations.

Section 545.370 Compliance With This Article — Effect of.

Article V Abandonment of City Streets, Alleys, Easements and Rights-Of-Way

Section 545.380 Eligibility for Filing Requests for Abandonment of City Streets, Alleys, Easements or Rights-Of-Way.

Section 545.390 Requests for Abandonment to Be Made in Writing.

Section 545.400 Review by the Director of Public Works.

Section 545.410 Recommendation of the City Council.

Section 545.420 City Council Review.

Section 545.430 Prohibited Abandonments.

Section 545.440 Transfer of Ownership.