City of Maryville, MO
Nodaway County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 Time Fixed for Opening and Closing Premises — Closed Place Defined — Penalty.

Section 600.030 Exceptions to Closing Hours Prescribed in Section 600.020(a).

Section 600.040 Possession of Alcoholic Beverages by Drugstores and Prescription by Physicians.

Section 600.045 Age Limitations for Entry Upon Premises of a Liquor by the Drink Licensee, Notices and Penalty.

Section 600.050 Sale to Minors or Other Persons and Permitting Consumption by Minors on C.O.L. Premises — Prohibited.

Section 600.060 Securing Intoxicating Liquor for Minor — Prohibited.

Section 600.070 Purchase or Possession of Alcohol by a Minor — Prohibited.

Section 600.075 Allowing Possession or Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.

Section 600.080 Misrepresentation of Age of a Minor to Obtain Intoxicating Liquor — Prohibited.

Section 600.090 Sale or Dispensation of Intoxicating Liquor by Minors Prohibited — Exceptions.

Section 600.095 Transporting or Possession of an Open Container.

Section 600.100 Dwelling — Licenses Prohibited.

Section 600.110 Effect of Sign Prohibiting Sale or Consumption on Property.

Section 600.120 Keeping, Secreting, Unauthorized Beverages in Licensed Establishment — Exceptions.

Section 600.130 Mixing Liquor With Drugs — Prohibited.

Section 600.140 Misrepresentation of Brand of Intoxicating Liquor Unlawful.

Section 600.150 Limitations on Number of Licenses for Any One Premises.

Section 600.160 Gambling and Gaming Limitations.

Section 600.170 Lewdness, Frequenting of Licensed Premises by Prostitutes or Dissolute Persons — Prohibited.

Section 600.180 Licensee Not to Serve Setups or Permit Consumption of Hard Liquor Directly From Bottle.

Section 600.190 Issuance and Execution of Warrant for Violation of Chapter.

Article II Enforcement — Duties and Powers

Section 600.200 Responsibility of Director of Public Safety — Qualification.

Section 600.210 Prohibited Interests of Certain Municipal Officers.

Section 600.220 Powers to Enforce Provisions of This Chapter.

Section 600.230 Inspections of Premises — Impoundment.

Section 600.240 Duty to Inspect Places of Business.

Section 600.250 Suspension and Revocation of Licenses.

Section 600.260 Effect of Suspension or Revocation of License.

Section 600.270 Subpoena of Witnesses.

Section 600.280 Suspension/Revocation Order Violations.

Article III Licenses

Section 600.290 Scope of License Requirements.

Section 600.300 Temporary Permit for Sale by Drink — Certain Organizations.

Section 600.310 Due Dates for License Fees.

Section 600.320 Qualifications of Licensees — Individuals.

Section 600.330 Qualifications of Licensees — Partnership.

Section 600.340 Qualifications of Licensees — Corporation.

Section 600.350 Application for License.

Section 600.360 More Than Three Licenses by Any One Person Prohibited — Exception.

Section 600.370 Investigation of Application for License.

Section 600.380 Issuance of License.

Section 600.385 Permit to Cater Liquor by the Drink.

Section 600.390 Purchasers of Alcoholic Beverage Establishments.

Section 600.395 Occupancy Limitations and Enforcement.

Section 600.400 Possession or Right to Occupy Premises Prerequisite to Issuance of License.

Section 600.410 Issuance of License Within One Hundred Feet of a School or Church.

Section 600.420 License to Be Signed — Attested and Sealed.

Section 600.430 No Limitation on Number of Licenses to Resorts — Statement Required.

Section 600.440 License Fees.

Section 600.450 Renewal of Licenses.

Section 600.455 Procedures for Failure or Refusal to Grant or Renew a License.

Section 600.460 Transfer of Location of Licensed Establishment.

Section 600.470 Death of Licensee Under Unexpired License.

Section 600.475 Refund.

Section 600.480 Display of License.

Section 600.490 Lost Licenses.

Section 600.500 Continuance of License After Partner's Withdrawal.

Section 600.510 Regulations on Retail Licenses, Including "C.O.L." Licenses.

Section 600.520 Prohibited Acts — Full Original Package Sales License.

Section 600.530 Prohibited Acts — Malt Liquor — Original Package Sales Licenses.

Section 600.540 All Wholesale Licenses, Certain Credit to Retailers, Prohibited.

Article IV Penalty

Section 600.550 Penalty.