City of Bonne Terre, MO
St. Francois County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 203.010 Establishment — Organization — Officers — Compensation.

[CC 2001 §2.32.010(A,B); Ord. No. 6.22 §§1 — 2, 7-20-1993]
As provided by Section 77.190, RSMo., there shall be organized a fire company which is to be entitled the Bonne Terre Fire Department.
The department shall consist of a force of up to forty (40) persons as deemed necessary by the Fire Chief and to be organized as follows:
Officers. A Chief and Assistant Chief shall be appointed by the City Administrator. These appointments shall be made annually, with recommendations made by the Fire Department personnel, while not binding upon the City Administrator, to be given careful consideration. The officers of the Fire Department may concurrently serve as members of and hold elected positions in the Bonne Terre Rural Fire Department, Inc.
Support staff. The Fire Chief shall appoint support staff officers in a manner deemed appropriate by same and shall recruit and approve department personnel as necessary for the efficient operation of the Fire Department within the parameters of maximum personnel previously set forth in this Section. Personnel may concurrently be members of the Bonne Terre Rural Fire Department, Inc.
Compensation. The appointed officers may be paid a monthly salary if prescribed and authorized by the City Council. Department members shall be paid annually a composite sum based upon the number of training sessions attended and the number of Fire/EMS calls answered. The fees for these functions shall be as prescribed and authorized by the City Council.

Section 203.020 Duties of Fire Department.

[CC 2001 §2.32.010(C); Ord. No. 6.22 §3, 7-20-1993; Ord. No. 6.22A §1, 9-21-1993]
The Fire Department shall, in addition to the primary mission of fire protection and emergency medical services (stabilization only, transport per Saint Francois County Ambulance District), stand ready to assist and serve with the other departments of City Government in the event of any disaster or emergency.

Section 203.030 Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief — Appointment.

[CC 2001 §2.32.020; Ord. No. 6.28 §1, 7-14-1998]
A Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief shall be appointed by the City Administrator with approval of the City Council. The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief will serve for an indefinite term. To be considered for appointment, candidates for the Fire Chief position will meet the following minimum qualifications:
At least twenty-four (24) years of age at time of appointment, with a high school diploma or GED;
Must possess or be able to obtain a valid driver's license with appropriate endorsements prior to appointment;
Five (5) years experience in fire or emergency medical service work, three (3) years which must have been equivalent to rank of Captain or higher;
Current State Firefighter I Certification;
Must have successfully completed an approved First Responder Course prior to appointment;
Applicant must submit to a pre-appointment drug screen.

Section 203.040 Fire Chief — Duties and Responsibilities.

[CC 2001 §2.32.030; Ord. No. 6.22 §§4 — 5, 7-20-1993]
The Fire Chief shall be responsible for the custodianship and maintenance of the fire house property and all equipment utilized by the Fire Department.
The Fire Chief, assisted by department officers, shall compile a Fire Department standing operating guidelines (rules and regulations) which shall be approved by the City Administrator and kept on file at City Hall. The Fire Chief shall render a monthly operations report to the City Council through the City Administrator.

Section 203.050 Authority to Render Aid to Other Communities.

[CC 2001 §2.32.040; Ord. No. 6.22 §7, 7-20-1993]
The Fire Department is authorized to render mutual aid to other communities upon order by the Fire Chief or a designated representative thereof.