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Borough of Collingdale, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1987 Code have been included in the 2015 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
Chapter/Title From 1987 Code
Location in 2015 Code
Ch. 1, Administration and Government
Part 1, Borough Officials
A. Manager
Ch. 58, Art. I
B. Independent Auditor
Ch. 7
C. Compensation
§ 1-121
Ch. 86, Art. III
§ 1-122
Ch. 86, Art. IV
§ 1-123
Ch. 86, Art. II
§ 1-124
Ch. 86, Art. I
D. Administrative Officer
Ch. 58, Art. II
E. Tax Collector
Ch. 86, Art. V
Part 2, Agencies, Boards, Commission, Departments
A. Educational Service Agency
Ch. 29
B. Recreation Board
Ch. 80
C. Planning Commission
Ch. 67
D. Police Department
Ch. 71
E. Board of Health
Ch. 12
Part 3, Municipal Employees Pension
Repealed by Ord. No. 690; see Ch. 63, Art. II
Part 4, Police Pension Plan
Ch. 63, Art. I
Part 5, Fireman's Relief Association
Ch. 36
Part 6, Fee Schedule
Superseded by Ord. No. 705; see now Ch. 220
Ch. 2, Animals
Part 1, Dogs at Large
Ch. 120, Art. I
Part 2, Animal Nuisances
Ch. 120, Art. II
Part 3, Pit Bull Dogs
Ch. 120, Art. III
Ch. 3, Bicycles (Reserved)
Ch. 4, Buildings
Part 1, Boarding of Buildings
Ch. 139
Ch. 5, Code Enforcement
Part 1, Building Code
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A
Part 2, Fire Prevention Code
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A
Part 3, Plumbing Code
A. BOCA Plumbing Code
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A
B. Water Conservation
Ch. 583, Art. II
Part 4, Electrical Code
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A
Part 5, Property Maintenance Code
Ch. 404, Art. II
Part 6, Mechanical Code
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A
Part 7, Radio Antennas and Electrical Disturbances
Ch. 206
Part 8, Uniform Construction Code
Ch. 170
Ch. 6, Conduct
Part 1, Alcoholic Beverages
Ch. 112
Part 2, Disorderly Conduct
Ch. 187
Part 3, Lewd Materials
Ch. 321
Part 4, Curfew
Ch. 182
Part 5, Littering
Ch. 329
Part 6, Use and Sale of Guns which are not Firearms
Ch. 233, Art. I
Part 7, Disorderly Property
Ch. 191
Ch. 7, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Part 1, Open Burning
Ch. 151
Part 2, Smoke Detectors
Ch. 240, Art. I
Part 3, Insurance Proceeds
Ch. 296, Art. I
Part 4, Alarm and Warning Systems
Ch. 105
Part 5, Sprinkler Systems
Superseded by Ord. No. 665
Ch. 8, Floodplains
Repealed by Ord. No. 689; see now Ch. 247
Ch. 9, Grading and Excavating
Part 1, Grading Restrictions
Ch. 268
Part 2, Steep Slope Regulations
Ch. 506
Ch. 10, Health and Safety
Part 1, General Nuisances
Ch. 355, Art. I
Part 2, Grass and Weeds
Ch. 404, Art. I
Part 3, Storage of Motor Vehicles
Ch. 579
Part 4, Vector Control
Ch. 566
Part 5, Cemeteries
Ch. 158
Part 6, Fences
Ch. 224
Ch. 11, Housing
Part 1, House Numbering
Superseded by Ord. No. 639A; see now Ch. 422, Art. I
Part 2, Inspection and Certification of Rental Units and the Sale of Transfer of Property
Superseded by Ord. No. 657
Ch. 12, Libraries (Reserved)
Ch. 13, Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Part 1, Cable Television
Ch. A620
Part 2, General Food Regulations
Ch. 253
Part 3, Garage or Yard Sales
Ch. 433, Art. I
Part 4, Transient Retail Merchants
Ch. 380, Art. I
Part 5, Junkyards
Ch. 304
Part 6, Laundromats
Ch. 316
Part 7, Mechanical Amusement Devices
Ch. 116
Part 8, Wires, Cables and Poles
Part 9, Contractor Licensing
Ch. 176
Ch. 14, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks (Reserved)
Ch. 15, Motor Vehicles
Parts 1 through 8, Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 575
Part 9, Vehicles Abandoned
Ch. 571
Ch. 16, Parks and Recreation
Part 1, General Regulations
Ch. 373, Art. I
Ch. 17, Planned Residential Development (Reserved)
Ch. 18, Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Part 1, General Regulations
Ch. 454, Art. I
Part 2, Wastewater Treatment Standards
Superseded by Ord. No. 678
Ch. 19, Signs and Billboards
Part 1, General Regulations
Ch. 461, Art. I
Part 2, Posting Signs on Poles
Ch. 461, Art. II
Ch. 20, Solid Waste
Part 1, Refuse Collection and Disposal
Ch. 495, Art. I
Part 2, Waste Recycling
Ch. 495, Art. III
Part 3, County-Wide Solid Waste Plan
Ch. 495, Art. II
Ch. 21, Streets and Sidewalks
Part 1, Street Excavations
Ch. 521, Art. II
Part 2, Sidewalk/Curb/Gutter Construction
Ch. 521, Art. I
Part 3, Street Width; Acceptance
Ch. 521, Art. IV
Part 4, Snow Removal from Sidewalks
Ch. 521, Art. III
Ch. 22, Subdivision and Land Development
Ch. 530
Ch. 23, Swimming Pools
Part 1, General Regulations
Ch. 537
Ch. 24, Taxation; Special
Part 1, Real Estate Transfer Tax
Ch. 542, Art. I
Ch. 25, Trees
Part 1, Tree Obstructions
Ch. 558
Ch. 26, Water
Part 1, Use of Water Mains by Utility Companies
Ch. 583, Art. I
Part 2, Stormwater Management
Ch. 513
Ch. 27, Zoning
Ch. 610
A. Annexation of Territory
B. Bond Issues and Loans
C. Franchises and Services
D. Governmental and Intergovernmental Affair
E. Plan Approval (Reserved)
F. Public Property
G. Sewers
H. Streets and Sidewalks
I. Water
J. Zoning; Prior Ordinances