City of Fredericktown, MO
Madison County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 405.010 Short Title And Definitions.

Section 405.020 Interpretation, Purpose And Conflict.

Section 405.030 Districts, District Boundaries, And General Regulations.

Article II Zoning Rules and Regulations

Section 405.040 "A" Agricultural District Regulations.

Section 405.050 "R-1" Single-Family Residential District Regulations.

Section 405.060 "R-2" Two-Family Residential District Regulations.

Section 405.070 "R-3" General Multi-Family Residential District Regulations.

Section 405.080 "MH" Mobile Home Park District Regulations.

Section 405.090 "C-1" Central Business District Regulations.

Section 405.100 "C-2" General Commercial District Regulations.

Section 405.110 "C-3" Planned Commercial District Regulations.

Section 405.120 "C-4" Office Institutional District.

Section 405.130 "I-1" Light Industrial District Regulations.

Section 405.140 "I-2" Heavy Industrial District Regulations.

Section 405.150 "I-3" Planned Industrial Park District Regulations.

Article III Supplementary Regulations

Section 405.160 Height And Area Exceptions And Modifications.

Section 405.170 Sign Regulations.

Section 405.180 Off-Street Parking And Loading Requirements.

Article IV Non-Conforming Uses

Section 405.190 Non-Conforming Uses.

Article V Special Use Regulations

Section 405.200 Special Use Regulations.

Section 405.210 Planning And Zoning Commission To Review Special Use Permits Annually.

Article VI Community Unit Plan And Site Plan Review

Section 405.220 Community Unit Plan And Site Plan Review.

Article VII Administration, Enforcement And Fees

Section 405.230 Enforcement, Applications And Permits.

Section 405.240 Fees and Costs.

Article VIII Amendments

Section 405.250 Amendments And Change Of Zoning District Boundaries Or Designations.

Article IX Board Of Adjustment

Section 405.260 Zoning Board Of Adjustment.

Article X Penalty

Section 405.270 Violations And Penalties.