City of Billings, MO
Christian County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1975 §18-30]
All water meters shall at all times remain the property of the Water Department.
[CC 1975 §18-31]
The employees of the Water Department of the City, or licensed plumbers authorized by the City, shall have authority to install a water meter on the line leading from the main to the premises of any new user upon payment of a fee as set forth in Section 700.290 hereof.
[CC 1975 §18-32]
All water meters shall be installed at such places as may be designated by the Water Supervisor.
[CC 1975 §18-33]
As used in this Section, "additional unit" shall mean any separate family, separate business or separate premises obtaining water from any common lead-in service line serving another unit user.
Where there is more than one (1) unit user from any single service line connected to a water main, the City may require the owner of the property to install a proper division of the lead-in service line and proper interior piping so that each unit user from the single lead-in line may be metered by an individual water meter. In the event such property owner shall fail or neglect to make such alterations on the lead-in line, the City, after ten (10) days' notice to such property owner by mail, may proceed to install one (1) water meter and the property owner thereafter shall be responsible for the payment of all water registered through said meter.
[CC 1975 §18-34]
Any repairs to water meters caused by wear or damage through normal use or by any cause not the fault of the property owner shall be made at the expense of the Water Department.
In the event that any water meter is damaged through any fault of the property owner, the City shall for the first (1st) offense advise the property owner of the cause of the damage and the City may, at its option, repair such meter at the cost of the Water Department or it may, at its option, repair the same and charge the amount of repairs to the customer.
In the event of damage to a water meter a second (2nd) time through the fault of any customer, the same shall be repaired by the Water Department and the cost thereof shall be charged to the customer using said meter.
[CC 1975 §18-35; Ord. No. 16-21(700.280) §§ 1 — 2, 11-10-2016]
It shall be unlawful for any person to tamper with or damage any water meter or other property owned by the City of Billings. "Tampering" is hereby defined to include the unauthorized turning on of water to any structure where the same has been discontinued due to non-payment of water bills, together with the cutting of locks or other devices so as to permit such person to turn the water back on to a structure where the same has been shut off for non-payment of water bills.