Town of Weston, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Nomination and election of federal and State officers, including Registrars of Voters, and of such elected positions as are provided for in the Charter shall be conducted, and the Registrars of Voters shall prepare lists of Resident Electors to vote therefor, in the manner prescribed in the General Statutes, except as hereinafter provided.
Unless otherwise provided by the Charter, election of Officers shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the odd-numbered years.
There shall be one voting district for Town elections, and the Board of Selectmen shall provide a suitable polling place or polling places in the district.
Registration of voters shall be effected by a board for admission of electors in accordance with Section 9-15a of the General Statutes, which board shall consist of the Town Clerk or Assistant Town Clerk and the Registrars of Voters.
Each elected Official shall be a Resident Elector and if, for any reason, such Official ceases to be a Resident Elector, he or she shall thereupon cease to hold elected office in Town, and such office shall become vacant.
When any regular or special Town election, primary election or referendum conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Charter results in a tie, an adjourned election shall be conducted to determine who shall be elected or, in the case of a question at referendum, whether it shall be accepted or rejected. The adjourned election or referendum shall be held during the period from the seventh day to the fourteenth day after the date of the election or referendum that resulted in a tie and shall be confined to the tied candidates or issues.
Should a vacancy occur in the office of First Selectman for any reason, the following procedure shall be followed:
If the vacancy occurs less than six months prior to the next regular date for the biennial election of Officers, the Selectman designated under Section 5.2 as the acting First Selectman (the "Acting First Selectman") shall fill the vacancy in the office of First Selectman for the remainder of the term.
If the vacancy occurs six months or more prior to the next regular date for the biennial election of Officers, the Acting First Selectman shall fill the vacancy as First Selectman until a new First Selectman is elected in a special election. Such special election shall occur not more than 30 days after the vacancy in the office of First Selectman occurred.
Except in the case of a vacancy in the office of First Selectman, or as provided in the General Statutes and the Charter, any vacancy in an elected Town office, Board or Commission shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Selectmen for the unexpired portion of the term or until the next biennial election, whichever occurs sooner; provided, that if the person vacating the office has been elected as a member of a political party, such vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of a member of the same political party.
If there is a biennial election before the expiration of the term of any office in which a vacancy occurs, such office shall be filled until such election by appointment as provided in (b)(i) above, and subsequently by the election of a person to fill that office for the remaining portion of the term, and such person shall take office upon election.
An elected Official may be removed from office by the Board of Selectmen upon its finding of good and sufficient cause for such removal. The Official affected by such removal process shall be given notice thereof and an opportunity to appear and be heard at a public hearing before the Board of Selectmen. Willful malfeasance, willful neglect of duty, inability to serve, conviction of a felony, abandonment of office or material violation of Article 10 or the Town's Code of Ethics, as well as any circumstance described in Section 9.10(f), shall constitute cause for removal.