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Village of Camillus, NY
Onondaga County
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[Amended 11-19-2012 by L.L. No. 3-2012]
The owner or person in charge of private property utilizing a dumpster shall make provision to have the collection from the dumpster on such a schedule that garbage and other waste materials do not accumulate so as to overflow the confines of the container or restrict the closing of the container cover.
Collection from the dumpster shall be by a private hauler as prescribed in Article VI below, unless the Board of Trustees of the Village of Camillus has, by resolution, authorized the Village Highway Department to include municipal collections from dumpsters in the Village Refuse Disposal System. That authorizing resolution may be rescinded by the Village at any time.
The owner of private property utilizing a dumpster who seeks to have the Village collect from the dumpster shall execute a written agreement with the Village, providing, among other things, for payment to the Village of dumpster pickup fees as may be set by the Village from time to time per § 61-49 of the Village Code. The agreement shall expressly state that the agreement may be cancelled by either party at any time. The agreement shall further provide that the ultimate responsibility to have rubbish and garbage collected from one's dumpster is that of the property owner and if, for any reason, such as weather, equipment failure, etc., the Village is not able to empty the dumpster, the property owner shall make other arrangements, at no cost to the Village except for a pro rata adjustment in the dumpster pickup fees to be collected.
The location and any conditions imposed relative to the use of dumpsters (including, without limitation, restrictions as to the hours of refuse pickup) shall be as directed by the Code Enforcement Officer upon application of the owner or tenant of the premises or his hauler. The owner of the premises subject thereof shall be a party to any such application. The Code Enforcement Officer shall ensure that same is a permitted use as of right within the applicable zoning district and apply those standards relative to the review and approval of site plan and special use permits in issuing a permit for dumpster location and use, and in addition shall apply those standards and impose such requirements as are hereinafter provided in §§ 61-22 and 61-23. The Code Enforcement Officer may vary or waive any of the standards and requirements herein (except the requirement that such use be a permitted use within the applicable zoning district).
All dumpsters shall be enclosed on all sides by a solid and opaque fence and gate enclosure, the height of which shall exceed the height of the dumpster by a minimum of one foot.
No dumpster shall be located in or on a public right-of-way.
Garbage and other waste materials must be completely contained within the dumpster. No accumulation of garbage or waste materials will be permitted outside the confines of the dumpster, nor will it be permitted to accumulate garbage or other waste materials so that the dumpster cover cannot be firmly closed.
Dumpster covers shall be kept closed at all times, except when being filled or emptied.
All dumpsters shall be kept in good repair.
The minimum setback for a dumpster from an adjoining residential property shall be 10 feet. Dumpsters shall not be placed in the front yard of any property, including within the portions of the side yard extending into the front yard (as such terms are defined herein).
[Amended 11-19-2012 by L.L. No. 3-2012]
Relief from any of the provisions of this Article IV may be obtained by submitting, in writing, to the Village of Camillus Zoning Board of Appeals, a statement detailing any alleged hardship and the relief requested. The Village of Camillus Zoning Board of Appeals shall review the submission, apply those standards applicable to an interpretation and/or variance, and render a decision thereon within 30 days. A site plan of the property shall be submitted showing the proposed site location of the dumpster with the distance from property line or right-of-way and whatever pertinent information the petitioner may feel will be relevant to his presentation. The Code Enforcement Officer or Zoning Board of Appeals may require any additional information it deems relevant.
The provisions of this article, including any permit conditions or requirements imposed by the Code Enforcement Officer or Board of Zoning Appeals, shall apply to the owner of a dumpster, hauler, owner of the premises and any user or lessee of the container.