Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Housing Code Board of Appeals — See Ch. 3.
Civil Preparedness Department — See Ch. 4.
Insurance Commission — See Ch. 5.
Library Department; Library Board — See Ch. 10.
Regional Council of Governments — See Ch. 14, Art. I.
Planning and Zoning Commission — See Ch. 14, Art. II.
Zoning Board of Appeals — See Ch. 14, Art. III.
Conservation Commission — See Ch. 14, Art. IV.
Historic District Commission — See Ch. 14, Art. V.
Economic Development Commission — See Ch. 14, Art. VI.
Commission on Inland Wetlands and Watercourses — See Ch. 14, Art. VII.
Public Building Commission — See Ch. 14, Art. VIII.
Board of Assessment Appeals — See Ch. 14, Art. IX.
Capital Improvement Committee — See Ch. 14, Art. X.
Aquifer Protection Agency — See Ch. 14, Art. XI.
Windsor Redevelopment Agency — See Ch. 14, Art. XII.
Article I In General

Sec. 2-1 Oath of office.

Sec. 2-1.1 Bonding of constables.

Sec. 2-1.2 Annual budget vote.

Article II Human Relations Commission

Sec. 2-2 Created; composition.

Sec. 2-3 Meetings.

Sec. 2-4 Purposes.

Sec. 2-5 Responsibilities.

Article III Commission on Aging and Persons With Disabilities

Sec. 2-6 Created; composition; term; filling of vacancies; compensation.

Sec. 2-7 Meetings.

Sec. 2-8 Purposes.

Sec. 2-9 Responsibilities.

Sec. 2-10 Definitions.

Sec. 2-11 Alternates.

Sec. 2-12 Extension of terms.

Sec. 2-13 Absence from meetings.

Sec. 2-14 through Sec. 2-19. (Reserved)

Article IV Code of Ethics

Sec. 2-20 Board of Ethics — created; purpose.

Sec. 2-21 Appointments.

Sec. 2-22 Organization and procedure.

Sec. 2-23 Duties and powers.

Sec. 2-24 Expenses and compensation.

Sec. 2-25 Applicability.

Sec. 2-26 Conflict of interest.

Sec. 2-27 Disclosure of interest.

Sec. 2-28 Use of Town property; equal treatment.

Sec. 2-29 Gifts and favors.

Sec. 2-30 Representing private or public interests before Town agencies.

Sec. 2-31 Confidential information.

Sec. 2-32 Penalties.

Sec. 2-33 through Sec. 2-40. (Reserved)

Article V Fair Rent Commission

Sec. 2-41 Establishment.

Sec. 2-42 Membership.

Sec. 2-43 Definitions.

Sec. 2-44 Terms of members.

Sec. 2-45 Filling vacancies, removing members.

Sec. 2-46 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-47 Standards.

Sec. 2-48 Eligibility to file complaint.

Sec. 2-49 Penalties.

Sec. 2-50 through Sec. 2-59. (Reserved)

Article VI Hearing Procedure for Citations

Sec. 2-60 Adoption of procedure.

Sec. 2-61 Appointment of hearing officers.

Sec. 2-62 For citations.

Sec. 2-63 Admission of liability.

Sec. 2-64 Request for hearing.

Sec. 2-65 Court enforcement.

Sec. 2-66 Appeals.

Sec. 2-67 Other remedies.

Sec. 2-68 Miscellaneous.

Sec. 2-69 (Reserved)

Article VII Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust

Sec. 2-70 Statutory authority; establishment.

Sec. 2-71 Advisory Board.

Sec. 2-72 Duties of Board.