Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Fair Rent Commission — See Ch. 2, Art. V.
Fire protection and prevention — See Ch. 6.
Sewage disposal; drainage — See Ch. 9, Art. III.
Planning and zoning — See Ch. 14.
Zoning — See Appendix A.
Subdivisions — See Appendix B.
Article I In General

Sec. 3-1 Fees.

Sec. 3-2 Fire limits.

Sec. 3-3 Insurance during sign construction.

Sec. 3-4 through Sec. 3-6. (Reserved)

Sec. 3-7 Building on unpaved and unaccepted streets.

Sec. 3-8 Condominium conversion; protection for elderly, blind, physically disabled, and low-income tenants.

Sec. 3-9 through Sec. 3-19. (Reserved)

Article II Fire Protection During Construction

Sec. 3-20 Applicability.

Sec. 3-21 Approved water supply to be made available.

Sec. 3-22 Installation for permanent water supply.

Sec. 3-23 Emergency access to construction site.

Sec. 3-24 Obstructions to access to water supply.

Sec. 3-25 Relief from the effect of the article.

Sec. 3-26 through Sec. 3-29. (Reserved)

Article III Floodplain Management

Sec. 3-30 Definitions.

Sec. 3-31 Statement of purpose.

Sec. 3-32 Administration.

Sec. 3-33 Appeals.

Sec. 3-34 Lands to which article applies.

Sec. 3-35 Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard.

Sec. 3-36 Compliance.

Sec. 3-37 Abrogation and greater restrictions.

Sec. 3-38 Warning and disclaimer of liability.

Sec. 3-39 Development permit.

Sec. 3-40 Prohibited uses.

Sec. 3-41 Permitted uses.

Sec. 3-42 Special exceptions.

Sec. 3-43 Variances.

Sec. 3-44 Enforcement.

Sec. 3-45 Penalties for violation.

Sec. 3-46 through Sec. 3-49. (Reserved)

Article IV Housing Code

Sec. 3-50 Definitions.

Sec. 3-51 Inspection of dwellings, dwelling units, rooming units, and premises.

Sec. 3-52 Enforcement, service of notice and orders.

Sec. 3-53 Housing Code appeals, Building Code appeals - Board.

Sec. 3-54 Same - Hearing; procedure.

Sec. 3-55 Minimum standards for basic equipment and facilities.

Sec. 3-56 Minimum standards for light, ventilation and heating.

Sec. 3-57 General requirements relating to the safe and sanitary maintenance of parts of dwellings and dwelling units.

Sec. 3-58 Minimum space, use and location requirements.

Sec. 3-59 Responsibilities of owners and occupants.

Sec. 3-60 Designation of unfit dwellings and legal procedure of condemnation.

Sec. 3-61 Permit to create certain dwelling and rooming units.

Sec. 3-62 Conflict of regulations.

Sec. 3-63 through Sec. 3-74. (Reserved)

Article V Denial of Building Permit when Back Taxes are Due

Sec. 3-75 Purpose.

Sec. 3-76 Permit defined.

Sec. 3-77 Denial of permit.

Sec. 3-78 Savings clause.

Sec. 3-79 Severability.

Sec. 3-80 Effective date.

Sec. 3-81 through Sec. 3-90. (Reserved)

Article VI Demolition of Structures

Sec. 3-91 Permit required; requirements.

Sec. 3-92 Requirements for certain historic buildings.

Sec. 3-93 Filing of comments or objections.

Sec. 3-94 Fees.

Sec. 3-95 Duration of permit.

Sec. 3-96 Penalties.

Sec. 3-97 through Sec. 3-100. (Reserved)

Article VII (Reserved)

Sec. 3-101 through Sec. 3-120. (Reserved)

Article VIII Erosion and Sediment Control

Sec. 3-121 Intent and purpose.

Sec. 3-122 Applicability.

Sec. 3-123 Designation of administrator.

Sec. 3-124 Definitions.

Sec. 3-125 Guidelines for erosion and sediment control.

Sec. 3-126 Erosion and sediment control permits.

Sec. 3-127 Erosion and sediment control plan.

Sec. 3-128 Design requirements.

Sec. 3-129 Performance bonds.

Sec. 3-130 Application procedure.

Sec. 3-131 Application review fees.

Sec. 3-132 Review and approval.

Sec. 3-133 Inspection.

Sec. 3-134 Enforcement.

Sec. 3-135 Hearing procedure for a citation.

Sec. 3-136 Appeals.

Sec. 3-137 Miscellaneous.

Sec. 3-138 through Sec. 3-140. (Reserved)

Article IX Stormwater Management

Sec. 3-141 Intent and purpose.

Sec. 3-142 Applicability.

Sec. 3-143 Designation of administrator.

Sec. 3-144 Definitions.

Sec. 3-145 Stormwater design manual.

Sec. 3-146 Stormwater management permits.

Sec. 3-147 Stormwater concept plan and consultation meeting.

Sec. 3-148 Stormwater management plan.

Sec. 3-149 Stormwater management inspection and maintenance agreements.

Sec. 3-150 Performance and maintenance bonds.

Sec. 3-151 Application procedure.

Sec. 3-152 Application review fees.

Sec. 3-153 Review and approval.

Sec. 3-154 Modifications for off-site facilities.

Sec. 3-155 Post-development stormwater management performance criteria.

Sec. 3-156 Construction inspections of post-development stormwater management systems.

Sec. 3-157 On-going inspection and maintenance of stormwater facilities and practices.

Sec. 3-158 Enforcement.

Sec. 3-159 Hearing procedure for a citation.

Sec. 3-160 Appeals.

Sec. 3-161 Miscellaneous.

Sec. 3-162 through Sec. 3-164. (Reserved)

Article X Illicit Discharges and Connections

Sec. 3-165 Intent and purpose.

Sec. 3-166 Applicability.

Sec. 3-167 Designation of administrator.

Sec. 3-168 Definitions.

Sec. 3-169 Discharge prohibitions.

Sec. 3-170 Suspension of MS4 access.

Sec. 3-171 Industrial or construction activity discharges.

Sec. 3-172 Monitoring of damages.

Sec. 3-173 Requirement to prevent, control, and reduce stormwater pollutants by the use of best management practices.

Sec. 3-174 Watercourse protection.

Sec. 3-175 Notification of spills.

Sec. 3-176 Enforcement.

Sec. 3-177 Hearing procedure for a citation.

Sec. 3-178 Appeals.

Sec. 3-179 Miscellaneous.