Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Administration — See Ch. 2.
Floodplain management — See Ch. 3, Art. III.
Erosion and sediment control — See Ch. 3, Art. VIII.
Stormwater management — See Ch. 3, Art. IX.
Zoning — See Appendix A.
Subdivisions — See Appendix B.
Article I In General

Sec. 14-1 Regional Council of governments — Joining by town; scope.

Sec. 14-2 Same — Filing ordinance with state.

Sec. 14-3 Same — Appointment of Town representative.

Sec. 14-4 through Sec. 14-19. (Reserved)

Article II Town Planning and Zoning Commission

Sec. 14-20 Established.

Sec. 14-21 Regular members — Number; qualifications.

Sec. 14-22 Same — Appointment and terms.

Sec. 14-23 Alternates — Number; qualifications.

Sec. 14-24 Same — Appointment and terms.

Sec. 14-25 Same — Powers and duties.

Sec. 14-26 Ex-officio members.

Sec. 14-27 Powers and duties.

Sec. 14-28 Council not to appoint more than bare majority from one political party.

Sec. 14-29 (Reserved)

Article III Zoning Board of Appeals

Sec. 14-30 Authority.

Sec. 14-31 Establishment.

Sec. 14-32 Regular members — Number; qualifications.

Sec. 14-33 Same — Appointment and terms.

Sec. 14-34 Alternates — Number; qualifications.

Sec. 14-35 Same — Appointments and terms.

Sec. 14-36 Same — Powers and duties.

Sec. 14-37 Organization and procedure.

Sec. 14-38 Powers and duties.

Sec. 14-39 Council not to appoint more than bare majority from one political party.

Article IV Conservation Commission

Sec. 14-40 Establishment; purpose.

Sec. 14-41 Membership.

Sec. 14-42 Term of members and alternate.

Sec. 14-43 Filling vacancies; removing members.

Sec. 14-44 Organization and procedure.

Sec. 14-45 Duties.

Sec. 14-46 Powers.

Sec. 14-47 Effect as to other Boards.

Sec. 14-48 through Sec. 14-49. (Reserved)

Article V Historic Districts

Sec. 14-50 Establishment of district and commission.

Sec. 14-51 Purpose.

Sec. 14-52 Historic District Commission members and officers.

Sec. 14-53 Administration.

Sec. 14-54 Rules, regulations, orders.

Sec. 14-55 Effect on land use regulations.

Sec. 14-56 District boundaries and name.

Sec. 14-57 Plan.

Sec. 14-58 Procedure.

Sec. 14-59 (Reserved)

Article VI Economic Development Commission

Sec. 14-60 Establishment.

Sec. 14-61 Appointment of members.

Sec. 14-62 Removal of members.

Sec. 14-63 Members serve without compensation; reimbursement of expenses.

Sec. 14-64 Employees.

Sec. 14-65 Research.

Sec. 14-66 Advertisements and publications.

Sec. 14-67 Expenses.

Sec. 14-68 Coordination with Town Planning and Zoning Commission, etc.

Sec. 14-69 Budget.

Article VII Commission on Inland Wetlands and Watercourses

Sec. 14-70 Establishment.

Sec. 14-71 Membership.

Sec. 14-72 Terms of members.

Sec. 14-73 Filling vacancies; removing members.

Sec. 14-74 Organization and procedure.

Sec. 14-75 Duties.

Sec. 14-76 Powers.

Sec. 14-77 Minimum standards.

Sec. 14-78 Effect as to other Boards.

Sec. 14-79 Adoption state law.

Sec. 14-80 Procedure for issuance of citations.

Sec. 14-81 Compliance periods after citation.

Sec. 14-82 Payment of fines.

Sec. 14-83 Miscellaneous.

Sec. 14-84 through Sec. 14-90. (Reserved)

Article VIII Public Building Commission

Sec. 14-91 Establishment.

Sec. 14-92 Membership.

Sec. 14-93 Appointment and terms.

Sec. 14-94 Seating of alternates.

Sec. 14-95 through Sec. 14-100. (Reserved)

Article IX Board of Assessment Appeals

Sec. 14-101 Establishment.

Sec. 14-102 Membership.

Sec. 14-103 Alternate members.

Sec. 14-104 Powers and duties.

Sec. 14-105 through Sec. 14-110. (Reserved)

Article X Capital Improvement Committee

Sec. 14-111 Establishment.

Sec. 14-112 Membership.

Sec. 14-113 Appointment and terms.

Sec. 14-114 Seating of alternate.

Sec. 14-115 through Sec. 14-120. (Reserved)

Article XI Aquifer Protection Agency

Sec. 14-121 Designation and membership.

Sec. 14-122 Regulations to be adopted.

Sec. 14-123 Inventory of land use.

Sec. 14-124 through Sec. 14-130. (Reserved)

Article XII Windsor Redevelopment Agency

Sec. 14-131 Creation of Windsor Redevelopment Agency.

Sec. 14-132 Technical assistance.

Sec. 14-133 Purposes of the Agency.

Sec. 14-134 Membership.

Sec. 14-135 Term of office.

Sec. 14-136 Procedure — officers.

Sec. 14-137 Remuneration.

Sec. 14-138 through Sec. 14-140. (Reserved)