Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 99-2, § 1, 1-19-1999]
Pursuant to Section 5-1 of the Windsor Charter, there is established the Board of Assessment Appeals for the purpose of carrying out the duties set forth in Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-110 et al.
[Ord. No. 99-2, § 2, 1-19-1999]
The Board of Assessment Appeals shall consist of three members who shall serve a term of four years. The two members now serving terms expiring November 30, 2001, are hereby reappointed for the completion of those terms. The existing one member serving a term to expire November 30, 1999, is hereby reappointed for the completion of that term. Upon the completion of their respective terms, new appointments shall be for a term of four years staggered as aforesaid. In the event no successor member is appointed on the expiration of any term, the term shall automatically be extended until the member's successor is appointed and qualified.
[Ord. No. 99-2, § 3, 1-19-1999]
In addition to the regular members, the Council shall have the authority to appoint up to three alternate members. The initial terms of alternate members shall all expire on November 30, 2001. Thereafter alternate members shall be appointed for four-year terms and shall continue to serve until their successor is appointed and qualified.
[Ord. No. 99-2, § 4, 1-19-1999]
Each alternate member, when seated as herein provided, shall have all the powers and duties set forth in the General Statutes for regular members of the Board of Assessment Appeals. If a regular member of the Board is absent or disqualified, the chairperson of the Board shall designate an alternate to so act, choosing alternates in rotation so that they shall act as nearly equal a number of times as possible. If any alternate is not available in accordance with such rotation, such fact shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.