Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Housing Code — See Ch. 3, Art. IV.
Health and sanitation — See Ch. 9.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 15.
Zoning — See Appendix A.
Article I Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

Sec. 8-1 Definitions.

Sec. 8-2 through Sec. 8-4. (Reserved)

Sec. 8-5 Storage and removal of garbage; placement for collection.

Sec. 8-6 Storage of bulky waste; placement of bulky waste for collection.

Sec. 8-7 (Reserved)

Sec. 8-8 Ownership of solid waste; prohibition on scavenging.

Sec. 8-9 Solid waste collector license.

Sec. 8-10 License application process; fee.

Sec. 8-11 Required reports from licensees.

Sec. 8-12 Collection and disposal requirements.

Sec. 8-13 through Sec. 8-19. (Reserved)

Article II Littering

Sec. 8-20 Definitions.

Sec. 8-21 Depositing litter in public places.

Sec. 8-22 Placement of litter in receptacles so as to prevent scattering.

Sec. 8-23 Sweeping litter into gutters; keeping sidewalk liter-free.

Sec. 8-24 Merchant's duty to keep sidewalk free of litter.

Sec. 8-25 Litter thrown by persons in vehicles.

Sec. 8-26 Vehicle loads causing litter.

Sec. 8-27 Litter in parks.

Sec. 8-28 Litter in fountains and bodies of water.

Sec. 8-29 Placing commercial and noncommercial handbills on vehicles.

Sec. 8-30 Depositing commercial and noncommercial handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.

Sec. 8-31 Distribution of handbills where property is posted.

Sec. 8-32 Manner of distributing commercial and noncommercial handbills at inhabited private premises; exemptions.

Sec. 8-33 Dropping litter from aircraft.

Sec. 8-34 Posting notices on poles, etc.

Sec. 8-35 Litter not to be placed on occupied private property.

Sec. 8-36 Owner to maintain premises free of litter.

Sec. 8-37 Litter not to be placed on vacant lots.

Sec. 8-38 Notice to remove.

Sec. 8-39 (Reserved)

Article III Residential Transfer Station

Sec. 8-40 Effective date.

Sec. 8-41 Disposal site — Approved.

Sec. 8-42 Unacceptable refuse at Town refuse disposal site.

Sec. 8-43 Residential permit.

Sec. 8-44 Scale breakdowns.

Sec. 8-45 Disposal penalties.

Sec. 8-46 Refuse disposal area rules and procedures.

Sec. 8-47 through Sec. 8-59. (Reserved)

Article IV Recycling

Sec. 8-60 Definitions.

Sec. 8-61 Purpose and intent.

Sec. 8-62 Classification of recyclables.

Sec. 8-63 General separation requirements.

Sec. 8-64 Separation and placement requirements for curbside recyclables.

Sec. 8-65 Separation and delivery of other recyclables.

Sec. 8-66 Recyclables prohibited from disposal.

Sec. 8-67 Reporting requirements.

Sec. 8-68 Scavenging.

Sec. 8-69 through Sec. 8-76. (Reserved)

Article V Composting

Sec. 8-77 Definitions.

Sec. 8-78 Separation of compostable leaf waste material and placement for removal.

Sec. 8-79 Ownership of compostable leaf waste materials.

Sec. 8-80 through Sec. 8-83. (Reserved)

Sec. 8-84 Enforcement; officer designated; rules and regulations.

Sec. 8-85 Correction of violations generally.

Sec. 8-86 Penalties for offenses.

Sec. 8-87 Savings clause.

Sec. 8-88 Severability.

Sec. 8-89 When effective.

Sec. 8-90 through Sec. 8-99. (Reserved)

Article VI Abandoned, Inoperable and Unregistered Motor Vehicles

Sec. 8-100 Purpose.

Sec. 8-101 Definitions.

Sec. 8-102 Joint and several obligation.

Sec. 8-103 Storage.

Sec. 8-104 Application for permits.

Sec. 8-105 Denial of permit.

Sec. 8-106 Requirements; all permits.

Sec. 8-107 Display of permit.

Sec. 8-108 Violation of any permit conditions.

Sec. 8-109 Permit fee.

Sec. 8-110 Fencing exception.

Sec. 8-111 Enforcement.

Sec. 8-112 Penalties.

Sec. 8-113 through Sec. 8-124. (Reserved)

Article VII Nuisances

Sec. 8-125 Purpose.

Sec. 8-126 Scope of provisions.

Sec. 8-127 Definitions.

Sec. 8-128 Public nuisance.

Sec. 8-129 Minimum standards.

Sec. 8-130 Responsibility for compliance.

Sec. 8-131 Notice of violations.

Sec. 8-132 Penalties and enforcement.