Town of Windsor, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Littering — See Ch. 8, Art. II.
Parks and recreation — See Ch. 13.
Traffic and vehicles — See Ch. 16.
Article I In General

Sec. 12-1 Preventing loitering at places of public accommodation.

Sec. 12-2 Curfew in parks and playgrounds.

Sec. 12-3 Weapons — Improper discharge of firearms, arrows and airguns.

Sec. 12-4 Same — Regulation of dangerous weapons where minors are involved.

Sec. 12-5 Consumption of alcoholic liquor within and upon public lands, public highways, sidewalks and parking areas.

Sec. 12-6 Tobacco-related equipment and drug-related equipment furnished to minors — Definitions.

Sec. 12-7 Same — Prohibition.

Sec. 12-8 Same — Exceptions.

Sec. 12-9 through Sec. 12-19. (Reserved)

Article II Alarm Systems

Sec. 12-20 Definitions.

Sec. 12-21 Purpose.

Sec. 12-22 Enforcement and administration.

Sec. 12-23 Alarm registration.

Sec. 12-24 Automatic dialing device — Interconnecting to primary trunklines.

Sec. 12-25 Installation criteria.

Sec. 12-26 List of installations.

Sec. 12-27 Operating instruction services.

Sec. 12-28 Direct connections to the Town Public Safety Complex.

Sec. 12-29 Direct connections to the Town Public Safety Complex.

Sec. 12-30 Equipment maintenance.

Sec. 12-31 Testing of equipment.

Sec. 12-32 Notice of disruption in service.

Sec. 12-33 Indicator panel.

Sec. 12-34 through Sec. 12-44. (Reserved)

Article III (Reserved)

Sec. 12-45 through Sec. 12-60. (Reserved)

Article IV Animal Control

Sec. 12-61 Purpose and intent.

Sec. 12-62 Definitions.

Sec. 12-63 Nuisances.

Sec. 12-64 Adequacy of facilities and care.

Sec. 12-65 Restraint and confinement generally.

Sec. 12-66 Restraint of guard and attack dogs.

Sec. 12-67 Restraint of vicious or dangerous animals.

Sec. 12-68 Impoundment; issuance of citations; hearing procedure.

Sec. 12-69 Registration and insurance requirements.

Sec. 12-70 Notice to owner and redemption.

Sec. 12-71 Administrative sanctions and remedies.

Sec. 12-72 Enforcement.

Sec. 12-73 Licensing and rabies vaccination.

Sec. 12-74 Violations and penalties.

Sec. 12-75 through Sec. 12-80. (Reserved)

Article V Multi-Town Agreement

Sec. 12-81 Adoption.

Sec. 12-82 through Sec. 12-84. (Reserved)

Article VI Metro Police Services Agreement

Sec. 12-85 Adoption.