City of Augusta, ME
Kennebec County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Augusta as Ch. 6.5, Art. IX, of the 1990 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 20-1 Superintendent.

[Amended 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
The Superintendent of Burying Grounds is the Director of Parks and Recreation or his/her designee.

§ 20-2 Care of public burying grounds and graves.

[Amended 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
It shall be the duty of the Director of Parks and Recreation, or his/her designee, to take care of the public burying grounds in the City, and to see that all graves are correctly arranged, made of sufficient depth and properly filled.

§ 20-3 Division of burial grounds; filing of plan.

[Amended 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
The Director of Parks and Recreation, or his/her designee, shall cause each burying ground to be laid out into ranges divided by walks, the ranges divided into lots, the lots into graves and the graves numbered, a plan of which shall be made and filed and maintained in the office of the Treasurer or in the Department of Parks and Cemeteries. All burials in such ground shall conform to the ranges and divisions of the same.

§ 20-4 Records of interments.

[Amended 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
The Director of Parks and Recreation, or his/her designee, shall keep a record of the name, age, sex, and the range and number of the grave or tomb of each person interred under his/her charge.

§ 20-5 Contracts for care of lots and graves.

[Amended 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
The Director of Parks and Recreation, or his/her designee, shall endeavor to make a written contract in the name of the City with some responsible person to pay the City for the care of each lot and grave from year to year at the price established by the Council, and shall file all such contracts with the Treasurer.
The requirements of this section apply only if there is no perpetual care provided.

§ 20-6 Care of veterans' graves.

In any burying ground in which any Revolutionary War soldiers or sailors, or soldier or sailor who served in the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps in any war, are buried, the City shall keep in good repair all graves, headstones, monuments or markers designating the burial place of such persons and shall keep the grass suitably cut and trimmed on such graves during the summer season.

§ 20-7 Rates.

[Amended 6-19-1989 by Ord. No. 113]
The rates the City charges for grave lots and for the opening and closing of graves shall be set from time to time and a schedule of such fees is on file in the City Clerk's office.

§ 20-8 Accounting; collection of sums due.

The Treasurer shall keep account of all sums due the City on account of burying grounds, including sums due for the sale and grading of lots, and shall collect such sums from the parties liable.

§ 20-9 Deposit for perpetual care of lots; withdrawal and interest.

Any person owning or interested in a lot in a public burying ground in the City may deposit in the treasury such sum as provided in this article by the Council for the purpose of providing for the perpetual care of such lot or its appurtenances.
At the time of making his deposit, such person shall receive a receipt therefor, signed by the Treasurer, and shall consent in writing to be bound by the provisions hereof, which shall be written in a book kept by the Treasurer for that purpose. Such deposit shall not be withdrawn except by mutual consent of the Council and the depositor.
Interest shall be allowed by the City upon such deposit, and the same shall annually be appropriated in caring for such lot, under the direction of the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

§ 20-10 Limitation on sale of lots.

Cemetery lots shall be sold only to residents of the City or heirs or legatees or devisees thereof.

§ 20-11 Sale of lots in Kling and Wall Cemeteries.

All cemetery lots in Kling and Wall Cemeteries, except those lots on A lane, shall be sold only to persons making payment for perpetual care, upon purchase of lots.

§ 20-12 Cancellation of contract upon failure to pay for lot; erection of monuments.

If a person contracts to purchase a lot in a public burying ground, and within six months of the date of such contract has not paid in full for such lot, the City shall have the right to cancel such contract and to resell all graves on the lot in which interments have not been made.
Monuments shall not be erected until the lots have been fully paid for.

§ 20-13 Rules and regulations.

[Amended 9-17-1990 by Ord. No. 528; 4-1-1996 by Ord. No. 391]
The Director of Parks and Recreation is empowered and authorized to promulgate and adopt after a public hearing rules and regulations for the operation and maintenance of all cemeteries owned and/or maintained by the City, which rules and regulations will provide for penalties for the violation of same. The above referred to rules and regulations must be accepted by the City Council by Council order before they can be implemented and made final.