Village of Elm Grove, WI
Waukesha County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Elm Grove as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 9-28-2015]
The purpose of this article is to provide for the regulation, removal and disposal of garbage, refuse, recyclables and yard waste from Village-plotted lots with one-, two- and three-dwelling residences.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Refers to business enterprises and activities associated therewith, including churches, public and parochial educational institutions, charitable organizations and Village-plotted lots with four or more dwelling units.
Waste, materials and debris from building construction, alterations, demolitions or repairs and earth from excavation.
An individual or business entity which, in the course of performing work for payment, creates, collects or transports construction waste, refuse, recyclable material, garbage or yard waste.
Waste, spoiled food, and or any plant matter incidental to and resulting from the use, preparation and storage of food but does not include items when sealed in containers of a noncombustible nature.
One or more lots upon which any building or group of buildings may be located and shall include more than one building located upon a lot or lots under a single ownership or management.
Materials as defined by state law, rules and regulations, a list of which will be maintained by the Department of Public Works.
All residential solid waste, putrescible and nonputrescible; combustible materials, including garbage, ashes and solid materials, but excluding construction waste and yard waste.
Organic waste resulting from the growing, trimming or removal of plants and parts thereof from Village-plotted lots.
The Village of Elm Grove or any solid waste contractor acting on its behalf.
No person shall dump, place or cause to be placed on any part of the right-of-way of any public roadway any yard waste, construction waste, garbage, refuse or other litter of any kind except as hereinafter specifically permitted.
Refuse, construction waste, garbage or yard waste created, collected, or transported by a contractor shall not be collected by the Village or dumped, abandoned, deposited or placed at the Village Public Works facility. The collection and disposal of the same shall be the responsibility of the property owner where such items originated.
Yard waste limitations. Residents in one-, two- or three-family dwelling units may dispose of yard waste through the methods listed hereunder.
Branches, tree limbs, brush and logs can be collected by the Village's Department of Public Works on a scheduled basis, provided that the following requirements are met:
Branches, tree limbs and brush shall not exceed six feet in length and shall not exceed six inches in diameter.
Logs shall not exceed three feet in length and 30 inches in diameter.
Branches, tree limbs, brush and logs shall be placed with the cut ends pointed in one direction, laying parallel to the roadway at the roadside, with logs stacked separately from the brush.
Branches, tree limbs, brush and logs shall not be placed at the roadside any earlier than the Friday preceding the scheduled period pickup week and shall be so placed prior to 7:00 a.m. of the Monday of the pickup week.
Leaves will be collected in the fall by the Village's contracted refuse hauler, provided they are placed at the roadside, contained in a degradable bag, and have the proper sticker purchased from the Village. Weather permitting, leaves will be collected in this manner beginning in October through the end of November and at other times as determined by the Village Board.
Yard waste may be taken to the Department of Public Works facility as provided under § 225-6.
Refuse and recyclable materials, unless specifically excluded, shall be collected by the Village's refuse contractor in a manner that is regulated by the Village.
Preparation of materials for disposal.
All liquid producing refuse must be well-drained and wrapped for disposal. At all times, refuse must be contained in such a way as to prevent blowing materials. All sharp objects likely to protrude through any container or packaging and cause injury must be placed in a sturdy container prior to disposal.
Those recyclable-material items which contained food must be rinsed clean. Recyclable materials must be separated from other refuse as according to state law and placed in a separate recycling container provided by the Village. Recyclable materials must be contained in such a way as to prevent blowing materials at all times.
Residential pickup may be declined when the refuse or recycling container contains unacceptable materials.
Refuse containers shall be furnished by the resident and shall not exceed 40 gallons in size or be filled to exceed 60 pounds when full. Any refuse container in a deteriorated or unsanitary condition must be cleaned, restored or replaced by the resident.
Recycling containers shall be dispensed by the Village and must stay with the property for which they were issued. Any recycling container in a deteriorated or unsanitary condition may be replaced by the Village.
Refuse and recycling containers must be out and available for pickup by 7:00 a.m. the day of scheduled pickup.
Refuse and recycling containers shall be returned, by the property owner, to their point of storage before dawn the day after pickup. Refuse and recycling containers must be screened from casual view.
Large appliances or bulky materials will only be picked up by special pickup scheduled in advance through the Village's contracted waste hauler. Items to be picked up shall be placed as required by the Village's waste hauler.
Residents may request to have their branches, tree limbs, and brush picked up on days other than the regular neighborhood pickup upon payment of a fee in advance. That fee shall be established by the Village Board. The manner in which brush is picked up shall be the same as provided under § 225-3C.
Allowable usage. Use of the Village Public Works facility is restricted to Village residents and Village property owners. Village business owners, tax exempt property owners and Village employees are allowed usage of the facility, provided that they obtain a facility use permit. Use of and access to the facility is allowed only as posted.
Termination of usage. Any Village resident, Village property owner, Village business owner, tax exempt property owner or Village employee who engages in any form of abusive behavior, either toward facility personnel or in a manner detrimental to the operation of the facility, may be disallowed use of the facility, for a period of time determined by the Village Manager, subject to an appeal to the Public Works Committee filed within 10 calendar days of the restriction.
Allowable materials. A list of materials acceptable to be placed at the facility will be maintained by the Village. Materials must be prepared as specified on said list. Materials without proper preparation may be rejected. Root balls, stumps and shrubs with root balls, are not accepted at the Public Works facility. Failure to comply may result in disallowance of facility use.
A fee for garbage, refuse, recycling or yard waste collection shall be placed on the property tax bill as a special charge. Said fee shall be determined by a resolution of the Board of Trustees.
A fee for a permit for the use of the Public Works facility for tax exempt properties, Village business owners and Village employees shall be determined by a resolution of the Board of Trustees.
Any person violating any provisions of this code shall be subject to a violation for each and every day or portion thereof during which any violation of any provision of this code is committed, continued or permitted, and, upon conviction for any such violation, such person shall be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-16 of this Code.