Township of Collier, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 10-101 Establishing Jurisdiction of County Health Department.

[Ord. 186, 3/5/1957, § 1]
It is hereby declared to be the intention of the Township of Collier that the County Department of Health of Allegheny County, having been established, the Township of Collier will cease to exercise any of the public health functions vested in it by law and become subject to the jurisdiction of the said County Department of Health.

§ 10-102 Abolishment of Township Health Department.

[Ord. 186, 3/5/1957, § 2]
Beginning on the effective date of this Part, the Health Department of the Township of Collier is hereby abolished.

§ 10-103 Abolishment of Township Health Officer.

[Ord. 186, 3/5/1957, § 3]
Beginning on the effective date of this Part, the position of Health Officer of the Township of Collier is hereby abolished and vacated.

§ 10-201 Adoption.

[Ord. 639, 10/14/2009, § II]
The Collier Township Standard Details attached to this Part as Appendix 1[1] are hereby adopted.
Editor's Note: Appendix 1 is on file in the Township offices.

§ 10-202 Applicability.

[Ord. 639, 10/14/2009, § II]
The standard details shall be applicable to the construction of any erosion control, highway and site drainage, stormwater management, roadway or site improvements described in said standard details. It shall be the duty of every owner of property upon which such improvements are installed and every contractor or person or entity responsible for such installation to construct any such improvements in a manner inconsistent with said standard details unless a written exception has been issued by the Township Engineer where the Township Engineer finds that such exception will promote the public health, safety and welfare.

§ 10-203 Procedure.

[Ord. 639, 10/14/2009, § II]
No improvement of a type addressed in the standard details shall be commended without three days advance written notice to the Township Building Code Official, along with provision of all information and drawing that the Building Code Official may require. All work shall be subject to inspection at any time by the Township Building Code Official, Township Engineer or their designees.
Where improvements subject to these standard details are to be installed as part of a development plan subject to site plan review under the Collier Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance [Chapter 22] or Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27], the procedures set forth in those Ordinances and the remedies set forth therein shall apply.

§ 10-204 Violation and Penalties.

[Ord. 639, 10/14/2009, § II]
The Township shall issue to the responsible person(s) a written notice requiring the correction of any improvements installed contrary to the standard details as required by § 10-202 above. Such notice shall direct abatement within a stated time period.
The failure of any person receiving such a notice of correction to correct the installation within the specified time shall constitute a violation of this Part. Each day that a violation continues shall be a separate offense.
A fine of up to $1,000 may be imposed for any violation of this Part.
Imposition of penalties hereunder shall not preclude the Township from proceeding with other appropriate action to obtain compliance with the standard details including action at law or equity.