Township of Upper Chichester, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The purposes of this district are to provide for continued low density, suburban-style single-family residential development; to preserve existing low-density development and open space; and to provide for and regulate certain uses permitted by special exception.
Land, buildings, or premises shall be used by right for only one or more of the following uses:
Single-family detached dwelling.
Family-based community residence facility.
Public park and passive recreation area, as defined in Article II.
The following uses shall be permitted by special exception only, subject to the applicable provisions of Articles XXI and XXV:
Cemetery, subject to §§ 600-182 and 600-183.
Municipal or public use, subject to §§ 600-182 and 600-183.
Health clinic, subject to § 600-184.
Wireless communication facility (WCF) with antenna attached to a nonresidential building or a structure of a permitted church, educational, public, municipal or governmental building or facility, and a building or structure owned by a public utility regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, and subject to the provisions of § 600-187.
The following shall be permitted as conditional uses only, subject to Article XXII and the provisions cited below:
Private club, subject to § 600-193.
Active recreation area, as defined in Article II.
Sale of agriculture products, nursery, subject to § 600-166.
Educational and religious use, subject to §§ 600-189 and 600-190.
Professional home office, subject to § 600-196.
Accessory uses and structures shall comply with § 600-159 and the provisions below:
Off-street parking or private garage, subject to Article XVIII.
Signs, subject to Article XIX.
Private swimming pool, subject to § 600-168.
No-impact home-based occupation, subject to § 600-178.
Satellite antenna, subject to § 600-167.
Day-care facility, home-based, subject to all applicable state regulations.
Any accessory use on the same lot with and customarily incidental to any of the uses permitted above and not detrimental to the neighborhood.
Unless specifically stated otherwise, the following shall be minimum requirements:
Single-family detached dwelling.
Lot size: 20,000 square feet.
Lot width: 100 feet.
Street frontage: 50 feet and 35 feet at cul-de-sac turnaround.
Building coverage: 15%, maximum.
Impervious surface: 35%, maximum.
Front yard:
Interior lot: 50 feet.
Corner lot: 50 feet at each street lot abuts.
Side yards: 45 feet, aggregate, and 20 feet, minimum.
Rear yard: 75 feet.
Height: two stories, maximum, and 35 feet, maximum.
Accessory structures: as noted in § 600-159.
If a homeowners' association is required for any development located within the R-1 District, it shall adhere to the requirements of § 600-179.