Township of Upper Chichester, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The purpose of this district is to provide for townhouse development at a medium density on sites with a minimum required tract area in selected locations of the Township, subject to compliance with the development requirements noted in this article. Townhouse development may take place on a fee simple or condominium basis.
Land, buildings or premises shall be used by right for the following use only:
Single-family attached dwelling (townhouse).
The following shall be permitted as conditional uses only, subject to Article XXII and the provisions cited below:
Day-care facility, home-based, subject to §§ 600-189 and 600-190 and all applicable state regulations.
Active recreation areas as defined in Article II and subject to §§ 600-189 and 600-190.
Off-street parking, subject to Article XVIII.
No-impact home-based business, subject to § 600-178.
Signs, subject to Article XIX.
Any accessory use customarily incidental to the above permitted use and not detrimental to the neighborhood.
Unless specifically stated otherwise, the following shall be minimum requirements:
Tract area: five acres.
Lot area: 2,000 square feet.
Lot width: 20 feet.
Setbacks for each townhouse building.
From interior or parking area: 25 feet.
From exterior road: 50 feet.
Rear and side: 25 feet.
Distance between principal buildings: 60 feet.
Impervious surface: 65%, maximum.
Units in row: four minimum and six maximum.
Height: two stories, maximum, and 35 feet, maximum.
Gross density shall not exceed six units per acre.
Open space.
Not less than 35% of the gross area of the tract shall be devoted to common open space.
Not less than 75% of the common open space area shall be outside the one-hundred-year floodplain, wetlands, and areas with slopes of 25% or more.
Buffer area and planted visual screen.
Where a district on which townhouse development is proposed borders on any other zoning district, the developer of the tract shall provide a thirty-foot-wide buffer area. Such buffer area shall extend from the tract boundary toward the tract interior and shall consist of ground cover and other plantings. No parking, structures or impervious surfaces shall be permitted.
A planted visual screen, as defined in Article II, shall be provided within the buffer area required in Subsection C(1) above.
Variations in setback and design. In each townhouse development units shall have a single architectural theme, and no more than two consecutive units shall have the same roofline or front setback line. Variations in setback shall be not less than four feet. Each dwelling unit shall be distinguished from the adjacent unit in some appropriate manner such as varying unit width, use of different exterior materials or varying arrangement of entrances or windows. In order to avoid linear design and facilitate privacy, buildings shall not be placed parallel to one another.
Architectural plans. Architectural plans shall be included as part of the final plan submittal for townhouse developments.
Landscaping. Any part of the site proposed for townhouse development which is not covered by buildings, parking, or other paved areas shall be landscaped with trees, shrubs or ground cover in accordance with a landscaping plan which shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission and the Township Engineer. Trees and/or shrubs shall be planted in high-visibility areas such as along the entrance drive and exterior road, in front of the dwelling units, and between parking areas. Landscaping shall be in accordance with § 600-171.
Parking. All parking shall be off-street in areas specifically designed for parking and shall comply with Article XVIII.
Refuse. Refuse/dumpsters shall be placed in rigid, verminproof containers, which shall be screened by means of a planted visual screen or a privacy fence. Also see § 600-162.
Lighting. Lighting facilities shall be provided and arranged in a manner that will protect the internal roadway and the townhouses from excessive glare. All internal roads, driveways, parking and pedestrian areas must be properly lighted to assure safe conditions and security for the residents.
Signs. Signs shall be provided in accordance with Article XIX.
Driveways. Driveways or off-street parking areas shall be located not less than 20 feet from any building.
All open spaces or community facilities, which are a part of any townhouse development, shall be attractively and regularly maintained, and such maintenance shall be performed by the following:
In the event that the ownership of the townhouse development remains in one person or entity for the purpose of leasing individual dwelling units, that person or entity shall have the sole responsibility for maintenance of all open spaces included within the development.
In the event that all individual dwelling units are conveyed in fee, responsibility for maintenance of all open spaces included within the development shall be upon an entity such as a condominium, cooperative, homeowners' association, trust or such other nonprofit organization deemed capable of carrying out its responsibilities by the Township Solicitor.
In the event that the open spaces are dedicated to the Township and accepted by the Township, the Township shall maintain such dedicated areas.
If a homeowners' association is required for any development located within the TH Townhouse District, it shall adhere to the requirements of § 600-179.