Borough of Forty Fort, PA
Luzerne County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 16-101 Requirements Concerning Use of Grounds and Facilities.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 1]
Each person, firm or corporation using the public parks and grounds shall clean up all debris, extinguish all fires when such fires are permitted, and leave the premises in good order, and the facilities in a neat and sanitary condition.

§ 16-102 Prohibited Acts.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 2]
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation using such parks to either perform or permit to be performed any of the following acts:
Wilfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with, or displace or remove any building, tables, benches, railings, paving or paving material, waterlines or other public utilities or parts or appurtenances thereof, signs, notices or placards, whether temporary or permanent, monuments, stakes, posts, or other boundary markers, or other structures or equipment, facilities or park property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.
Throw, discharge, or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the waters of any fountain or pool, sewer, or drain flowing into such waters, any substance, matter, or thing, liquid or solid, which will or may result in the pollution of said waters.
Bring in or dump, deposit, or leave any bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage, refuse, or other trash. No such refuse or trash shall be placed in any waters in or contiguous to any park, or left anywhere on the grounds thereof, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where these are provided; where receptacles are not so provided, all such rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence, and properly disposed of elsewhere.
Disturb the peace, or use any profane, obscene or blasphemous language.
Endanger the safety of any person by any conduct or act.
Commit any assault, battery, or engage in fighting.
Carry, possess, or drink any alcoholic liquor in any park.
Violate any rule for the use of the park, made or approved by the Council of the Borough of Forty Fort.
Prevent any person from using any park or any of its facilities, or interfere with such use in compliance with this chapter the rules applicable to such use.
Swim, bathe, or wade in any pool, except in such pool and at such places as are provided therefor, and in compliance with such regulations as are herein set forth or may be hereafter adopted.
Appear in bathing costume at any place in the parks except within the limits of designated bathing places or areas, and all bathing costumes shall conform to commonly accepted standards.
Dress or undress, except in such bathing houses or structures as may be provided for that purpose.

§ 16-103 Hours of Operation.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 3; as amended by Ord. 1992-5, 11/2/1992]
The park, exclusive of the swimming pool, shall be opened daily to the public from sunrise to sunset as determined by the national weather service at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, Avoca, PA, of any one day; and it shall be unlawful for any person or persons (other than Borough personnel conducting Borough business therein) to occupy or be present in said park during any hours in which the park is not open to the public.
Any section, or part of the park, may be declared opened or closed to the public by the Recreation Committee at any time and for any interval of time, either temporarily or at regular or stated intervals.
Hours for public swimming shall be posted on the front of the pool building; except that the Recreation Committee may close the swimming pool during inclement weather, where unsanitary water conditions exist, or for any special events.

§ 16-104 Group Activity.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 4]
Whenever any group, association or organization desires to use said park facilities for a particular purpose, such as picnics, parties or theatrical or entertainment performances, a representative of said group, association or organization shall first obtain a permit from the Recreation Committee for such purposes. The Borough Council may adopt an application form to be used by the Recreation Committee for such situations.
The Recreation Committee shall grant the application if it appears that the group, association or organization will not interfere with the general use of the park by the individual members of the public and if the said group, association or organization meets all other conditions contained in the application. The application may contain a requirement for an indemnity bond to protect the Borough from any liability of any kind or character and to protect the Borough property from damage, and shall contain such a provision if the swimming pool is to be utilized by said group.

§ 16-105 Picnic Areas and Use.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 5]
No person in a park shall picnic or lunch in a place other than those designated for that purpose. Attendants shall have the authority to regulate the activities in such areas when necessary to prevent congestion and to secure the maximum use for the comfort and convenience of all. Visitors shall comply with any directions given to achieve this end.
No person in a park shall use any portion of the picnic areas or of any of the buildings or structures therein for the purpose of holding picnics to the exclusion of other persons, nor shall any person use such area and facilities for an unreasonable time if the facilities are crowded.

§ 16-106 Other Regulations.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 6]
Special Activities. It shall be unlawful to engage in special activities including flying model airplanes, golf practice, games and picnics.
Automobiles. It shall be unlawful to drive or park any automobile except on a street, driveway or parking lot in any park; or to park or leave any such vehicle in any place other than one established for public parking.
Animals. It shall be unlawful to bring any dangerous animal into any park, and it shall be unlawful to permit any dog to be in any park unless such dog is on a leash not more than four feet long. Persons having such dogs shall be responsible for curbing said dogs and to immediately remove from the park or pool area any litter or waste caused by said dog.
Sales. It shall be unlawful for any person other than employees and officials of this park district acting on behalf of this district to vend, sell, peddle or offer for sale any commodity or article within any park.
Smoking. It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke within the pool area.
Food or Beverages. It shall be unlawful for any person to handle, possess or consume food or beverages inside the pool area.
Alcoholic Beverages. It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his or her possession, custody or control any alcoholic beverage of any kind whatsoever.
Signs. It shall be unlawful for anyone to paste, glue, tack or otherwise post any sign, placard, advertisement, or inscription whatsoever, nor shall any person erect or cause to be erected any sign whatever on any public lands or highways or roads adjacent to a park.
Provided, that these provisions shall not apply to any properly authorized government official in pursuit of any official duty.

§ 16-107 Winter Program.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 7]
The Recreation Committee may conduct or permit a winter ice skating program; in such event, the Recreation Committee may permit the park to be open during reasonable hours for such purposes.

§ 16-108 Penalties.

[Ord. 1980-7, 6/2/1980, § 8; as amended by Ord. 2009-8, 12/7/2009]
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Part, upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to a fine of not more than $1,000 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. Each day that a violation of this Part continues or each section of this Part which shall be found to have been violated shall constitute a separate offense.