City of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 515.040 Permit Application, Inspection Fee, Deposit Required.

[Ord. No. 475 §1, 2-3-2015]
No person shall make or cause to be made, or help, aid or assist therein, any excavation, fill or grading on any public street, highway, alley or other public place, or any public easement or right-of-way for the purpose of installing utility poles, underground electric or telephone cable, sewer or water lines or other underground facilities, without first having made application to the Building Commissioner for a permit for such excavation and receiving from the Building Commissioner a written permit therefor. Before such permit shall be granted, the applicant shall deposit with the Village Administrator/Clerk such sum as in the judgment of the Building Commissioner may be sufficient to restore the street, highway, alley or other public place, public easement or right-of-way, in as good condition as it was before the excavation was made, and in accordance with the conditions provided in this Chapter, and to pay a permit and inspection fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00), provided, however, that no deposit shall be required of right-of-way utility users otherwise exempted by State law. The permit shall be signed by applicant and the Building Commissioner or designate, and shall state that applicant agrees to be liable for costs of restoration beyond the deposit amount applicable. The excavation permit shall be prominently displayed at the excavation site at all times. Emergency excavations deemed necessary for the protection of the public health or welfare may proceed without a permit but application shall be made within twenty-four (24) hours following said emergency excavation.

Section 515.050 Refund of Deposit.

[Ord. No. 475 §1, 2-3-2015]
A required deposit shall be returned to the depositor not later than six (6) months after the work is completed and the public place restored to its original condition and in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter; and if not so restored, the Building Commissioner or his/her designate, may cause the public place to be so restored and the deposit forfeited by the depositor. If the deposit is not sufficient to pay the entire costs thereof, the depositor shall be required to pay the balance thereof.

Section 515.060 Safety Precautions.

[Ord. No. 475 §1, 2-3-2015]
Every person who shall cause to be made any excavation in or adjoining any public street, highway, alley or public place, or on any public easement or right-of-way shall cause the same to be adequately protected so as to prevent persons, animals or vehicles from falling into the excavation, and shall cause barricades and warning lights or similar protections to be maintained about such excavation, and keep the same lighted from sunset to sunrise. Whenever any person shall excavate the sidewalk of any street, it shall be his/her duty to place a strong and suitable footbridge over such excavation in the line of the sidewalk at least four (4) feet wide, and securely anchored at each end.

Section 515.070 General Method of Backfilling and Resurfacing.

[Ord. No. 475 §1, 2-3-2015]
Excavations in any surfaced street or alley, whether a permanent or temporary surfacing exists on the street or alley at the time the excavation is made, shall be cut in straight neat lines on all sides, and all materials removed from the excavation as made, and the remaining backfill shall be completed to the original surface with crushed limestone having a maximum size of one and one-half (1 1/2) inch minus; and process of backfilling shall be inundated with water for a period of not less than ten (10) minutes or the backfill shall be compacted every six (6) inches with a vibratory compactor.
The resurfacing shall match the existing surface and be of comparable material and quality. It shall extend a minimum of one (1) foot on all sides of the excavated area. It shall meet the existing surface at the same elevation and along a neat and straight line.

Section 515.075 Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Requirements.

[Ord. No. 16-07 §3, 12-21-2016]
Access Via Curb Cut Only. No vehicular access shall be permitted to any lot abutting a City street without a properly constructed curb cut. Construction of curbs, gutters and sidewalks shall meet the requirements and specifications of Section 405.060 and, in residential districts, Section 400.255.
Permit. Prior to commencement of construction of any curbs, gutters and sidewalks, the property owner or his/her agent shall apply for and receive a permit pursuant to the terms of Section 515.040 and deliver to the City the associated inspection fee and deposit to guarantee backfilling, restoration and safety.
Notice. No construction work shall commence on or in any public right-of-way, nor shall any sidewalks, curbs and gutters on any public right-of-way be cut until at least forty-eight (48) hours' notice of intention to commence work is given to the Building Commissioner by the owner, developer or contractor. Said notice may be waived by the Building Commissioner by the issuance of a permit.
Inspection. The City may cause the City Engineer or other qualified inspector to be present during the construction of such street, sidewalk, curb, way, alley or driveway entrance, and the City Engineer or the inspector on the job shall have authority to condemn any material not meeting standards specified by the City Engineer or the inspector. If any portion of the work in the right-of-way fails to meet the minimum requirements, the City Engineer or the designated inspector on the job shall cause all work on the right-of-way to be stopped until the unsatisfactory conditions are remedied.
Removal Of Substandard Work. If any portion of any street, sidewalk, curb, right-of-way, alley or driveway entrance is constructed contrary to the provisions of this Section, the City Engineer may order the installed material removed unless the owner, contractor, builder or developer shall cause bores and other tests, according to the requirements of the City Engineer, which satisfy the City Engineer that the work done is in conformity with the applicable specifications.
City's Right To Restore Surface. If the permittee shall have failed to restore the surface of the street to its original and proper condition or shall otherwise have failed to complete the excavation work covered by such permit, the Building Commissioner, upon the advice of the City Engineer, may do all work and things necessary to restore the street and to complete the excavation work. The permittee shall be liable for the actual cost thereof and twenty-five percent (25%) of such cost in addition for general overhead and administrative expenses. The City shall have a cause of action for all fees, expenses and amounts paid out and due for such work and shall apply, in payment of the amount due it, any funds of the permittee deposited as herein provided and the City shall also enforce its rights under the permittee's surety bond/escrow provided pursuant to this Chapter.
Specifications. No new driveway apron shall be constructed except in compliance with City specifications and shall not be constructed of any material other than asphalt or concrete in compliance with applicable specifications. No new driveway apron may be constructed of rock or gravel.