City of Billings, MO
Christian County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 13-05 §1 — 2, 7-11-2013]
No person shall make any connection of roof downspouts, interior or exterior foundation drains, arcaway drains, or other sources of surface water runoff or groundwater, to any building sewer, or building drain, which is connected directly or indirectly to the City's sanitary sewer ("system").
Surface water leaders, roof leaders, surface drains or groundwater drains shall not be connected to the system, or utilized in any manner so that the same will eventually empty into the City's system.
[Ord. No. 13-05 §3, 7-11-2013]
Pursuant to an order entered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency requiring the City to identify and eliminate all causes of infiltration and inflow, the City shall undertake, at its expense, to test all private sewer connections to the City's system utilized by all residential units and businesses within the City.
[Ord. No. 13-05 §4, 7-11-2013]
If it is determined by the City that any business or residence has a damaged private service line or connection which permits infiltration and/or inflow into the City's system, the City shall so notify the owner of any such residence or business, who or which shall have sixty (60) days from the date of such notification to correct all problems identified by the City. Residence and business owners who are required to repair or replace private sewer connections or lines in accordance herewith shall have the option of obtaining a private contractor to perform any required repairs or replacements, or may request that the City undertake to correct and/or replace the same. If the City is requested to repair and/or replace any private sewer connection or line, and/or any portion or related private part thereof, then the residence or business owner shall become immediately obligated to repay the City for all costs associated with such repairs and/or replacements.
[Ord. No. 13-05 §5, 7-11-2013]
It shall be the duty of the occupants and owners, jointly and severally, of each premises serviced by the City's system, to maintain the sewage disposal system on such premises. All private sewer service lines shall be constructed so as to prevent any surface water or groundwater from entering the City's system. All private sewer service lines shall be properly maintained and repaired by the owner or occupant of any such premises as necessary so as to prevent any surface water or groundwater from entering the City's sanitary sewer system.
[Ord. No. 13-05 §6, 7-11-2013]
Individual residence owners and occupants and business owners who fail to correct, within sixty (60) days, any problems identified by the City with regard to their private sewer lines and connections are hereby declared to be in violation of this Article, and such persons shall be subject to prosecution in the City's Municipal Court system for any such violation; and, upon conviction, shall be subject to punishment in accordance with the City's general punishment ordinance. Individuals who have good reason as to why all identified repairs and replacements cannot be completed within sixty (60) days, may apply to the Board of Aldermen for an extension of such sixty-day corrective period, which the Board of Aldermen shall grant upon a legitimate showing of good cause.
[Ord. No. 13-05 §7, 7-11-2013]
Persons who request that the City undertake to repair or replace any private sewer connection line, as hereinbefore described, shall first sign an agreement with the City whereby the property owner authorizes the imposition of a lien against said property, in favor of the City, if the property owner thereafter fails or refuses to pay the full cost of such repair or replacement.