Township of Collier, PA
Allegheny County
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[Res. 100907-02, 10/9/2007]
Effective for all structures falling within those classifications listed at § 302 of the 2003 International Building Code and all multifamily residential structures that have restricted access through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to the living units, but not including detached one and two family dwellings and multiple single family dwellings (townhouses) not more than three stories in height, shall have an installed key box in accordance with these regulations and the International Fire Code.
Commencing July 1, 2007, all buildings of the types described in Subsection 1 above which require a building permit and certificate of occupancy for building construction or renovation shall install a key box in accordance with these regulations. Building permit applications filed after July 1, 2007, shall demonstrate compliance with these regulations.
The key box shall be an Underwriter's Laboratory type and approved by the Township fire official or his designee.
The key box shall be mounted between a minimum of four and six feet above finished grade and within three feet of the direct access port or such other location as approved by the fire official.
The key box shall contain keys to locked ports of entrance, whether on the interior or exterior of the structure, keys to locked mechanical equipment rooms, keys to locked electrical rooms, keys to elevator controls, keys to any fenced or secured area, floor plan of the rooms within the structure denoting any utility disconnects or controls, fire alarm panels or control and any hazardous materials stored in the structure. Where more than one key is within the key box, the owner must designate the door location and provide a corresponding key tag, along with a floor plan so that an emergency responder will be able to quickly determine which key opens which lock.
Once the key box is installed, the owner of the structure shall contact the fire official to arrange for the structure to be visited by the fire official, a member of the appropriate Collier Township Volunteer Fire Company and a member of the Collier Township Police to inspect the key box and to assure that it is operable and contains the necessary contents.
The operator of the building shall immediately notify the Fire Code official and provide new keys when the key box lock is changed or re-keyed.
The cost of purchase, installation and maintenance of the key box, and of keys for the use of fire company and Township officers, shall be at all times the responsibility of the owner or occupant of the structure.
The key to access the required key boxes shall be securely carried on each of the prime fire trucks of all departments in the Township and in police cars as designated by the Chief of Police.