City of New Haven, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 240.010 Statement of Policy.

[Ord. No. 1143 §1, 3-14-2016]
It shall be the policy of the City of New Haven to welcome and encourage special events to be held on City streets, sidewalks, parks and/or public properties, provided that such events are produced in such fashion as to promote, benefit and support New Haven area businesses, schools, civic and/or community groups. The intent of these regulations as hereinafter set out is to assure that such events are produced in a manner that promotes and protects public safety and that are in compliance with certain insurance, business licensing, permitting and other requirements of City ordinances and policies.

Section 240.020 Permit requirement.

[Ord. No. 1143 §2, 3-14-2016]
Any event that is proposed to be held on City right-of-way or City-owned real property shall be subject to the review and approval of the City. For purposes of this section, an "event" is defined as an organized public activity which has a sponsor and which actively solicits participation by the general public. Examples of events include, though not necessarily are limited to, the following: festivals, fairs, carnivals, bazaars, arts and craft shows, parades, running road races, obstacle course races and similar events. An occasion that is private in nature and is generally limited to participation by invitation only shall not be considered an event under this section.
Events that are approved shall be issued a special event permit and shall be subject to certain terms and conditions as may be imposed by the City. The City Administrator is authorized and directed to develop a permit application and review process for such special events.
The permit application shall contain, at minimum, the following:
The name, address and contact information of the person or entity sponsoring the event.
A general description of the event and the City properties/facilities/locations proposed to be used during said event.
A listing of City personal property, if any, proposed to be used in the event. City personal property may include City traffic cones and other traffic control equipment; marking tape, flags and related items; trash cans, etc.
A listing of City services, if any, proposed to be requested for the event. City services may include police presence and/or periodic police patrols; City employee labor and/or equipment services to assist with event preparation, organization and/or cleanup; and other services as requested.

Section 240.030 General terms and conditions.

[Ord. No. 1143 §3, 3-14-2016]
The City may impose terms and conditions upon any event issued a permit under these provisions. City terms and conditions may include, though are not necessarily limited to, the following:
Special event insurance to be carried by the event sponsor in coverages acceptable to the City.
Hold harmless/indemnity agreements to be signed by the event sponsor.
Participant waivers to be signed by event participants.
Business licensing requirements as required by City ordinance, Franklin County health department regulations and/or state law.
Liquor licensing requirements as required by City ordinance and/or state law.
Other terms and conditions as the City may impose. Examples may include, though are not limited to, the following: provision of private security personnel, provision of portable bathroom facilities, provision of trash collection and disposal services, limitations or prohibitions on animals and/or pets, etc.

Section 240.040 Police/security.

[Ord. No. 1143 §4, 3-14-2016]
The City shall make every effort to provide New Haven Police Department presence at special events as approved by the City. However, the City shall make no guarantees of Police presence and shall reserve the right to require that private security be hired for events that require a dedicated security presence.
Notwithstanding the above provisions, New Haven Police Officers shall be prohibited from serving as private security personnel for any special event issued a City permit under these provisions.

Section 240.050 City labor/equipment.

[Ord. No. 1143 §5, 3-14-2016]
The City may, in its sole discretion, provide City labor and/or equipment services to assist with special events issued a permit under these provisions. City labor and/or equipment services shall be generally limited in nature and reserved primarily for purposes of traffic control, public safety activities, and assistance with use of City personal property. City labor and/or equipment services generally shall not be used to assist with or provide event management and operation services. Notwithstanding the above provisions, the City has no duty or obligation to provide City labor/equipment services for any special event.

Section 240.060 Permit charges and fees.

[Ord. No. 1143 §6, 3-14-2016]
There shall be no charge for a permit issued in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. The City may, however, impose reasonable fees upon any special event permit holder, which shall be designed, in part, to recover the costs of provision of City Police presence, labor, equipment services and use of City personal property for special events. The imposition of any fees shall be subject to approval by the City of New Haven Board of Aldermen or City of New Haven Park Board.