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Township of New Hanover, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-701]
The following are established at the unmetered parking lots operated by the Township:
Maximum Parking Time
Days in Operation
Hours in Operation
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-702]
The Board of Supervisors at its discretion, may provide, at convenient and suitable locations in one or more of the unmetered parking lots, reserved parking spaces for handicapped, and shall designate those spaces by appropriate signs. It shall be unlawful, and a violation of this part, for any person to park in any such reserved parking space, any vehicle unless that vehicle bears or displays either: a "handicapped registration plate," a "handicapped parking placard," a "disabled veteran registration plate," or a "disabled veteran placard." Provided, all provisions, requirements and restrictions contained in the other sections of this part shall apply to vehicles lawfully parked in reserved parking spaces for handicapped.
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-703]
It shall be unlawful for any person to park a vehicle, or to allow a vehicle to remain parked in any unmetered parking lot:
For longer than the maximum parking time prescribed by § 15-701 of this part.
At any time when the lot is not in operation and is closed to public use.
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-704]
The unmetered parking lots established by § 15-701 of this part shall be for the use of passenger cars, passenger vans and pickup trucks only, and it shall be unlawful for any person to park any other kind or class of vehicle in any such lot.
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-705]
Every vehicle parked in an unmetered parking lot shall be parked wholly within the lines bounding or marking the individual parking space assigned to that vehicle, and shall be parked headed into the parking space. It shall be unlawful for any person:
To park a vehicle in a space not rented by him.
To park a vehicle otherwise than as required by this section.
To park a vehicle elsewhere than in an individual parking space, the prohibited areas including, but not limited to, the access and exit driveways and turning and maneuvering spaces.
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-706]
The parking spaces in the unmetered parking lots shall be available for parking on a monthly rental basis only. The rental fee shall be fixed by Board of Supervisors pursuant to a resolution and shall be for a calendar month or the part of a calendar month remaining after the rental arrangements are made. The rental fee shall be paid in advance to the Township Secretary for the use of the Township, and after the first month shall be automatically renewable until the renter notifies the Township that he wishes to terminate the rental arrangements. At any time, however, the Township may, by amending § 15-701 of this part, discontinue provision of a specific unmetered parking lot or a portion of the parking spaces in any such lot, or may change any unmetered parking lot, or part of an unmetered parking lot, to a metered parking lot or to metered parking spaces. The rental parking spaces shall be assigned by the Township Secretary. The name of the render of a parking space and/or the numbers and/or letters on the registration tag of the vehicle entitled to be parked there shall be posted by the Township at the rental space or shall be painted on the surface of that parking space.
[Ord. 97-7, 10/13/1997, § 15-707]
The police officer or other person making the report shall also place on or attach to the vehicle a notice to the owner or driver of the vehicle that the vehicle was parked in violation of this part, and instructing the owner or driver that if he will report to the office of the Chief of Police and pay, for the use of the Township, the sum of $10 within 48 hours after the time of the notice, or will place the sum of $10 enclosed within the envelope provided, in any of the special parking fine boxes installed at various locations within the Borough, within that time limit, that act will save the violator from prosecution and from payment of the fine prescribed in Subsection 2 hereof.
Any person who violates any provision of this part and who fails to pay the fine set forth in this section, shall be cited within 15 days of the violation and upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $15 and costs.