Township of New Hanover, PA
Montgomery County
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[Ord. 97-1, 5/12/1997, § 1]
An EDU schedule applicable to uses and activities conducted within the Act 537 District and serviced by or to be connected to the municipal sewer collection, conveyance and treatment system, in the form attached hereto, marked Exhibit 18-A and incorporated herein is adopted as the schedule applicable to any and all uses and activities situate within the Act 537 Plan District with regard to any connections to the municipal sewer system hereinafter instituted and to any existing uses and activities connected to said system which are hereinafter subject to a change in use, occupancy, ownership or tenancy, effective following the date of enactment of this Part 2D.
[Ord. 97-1, 5/12/1997, § 2]
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth hereafter, the Township, by and through its Board of Supervisors, in its sole discretion, may authorize and permit the owner of an improved property currently being serviced by a meter or measuring device, as hereinbefore approved by the Township and/or the New Hanover Township Authority, to continue the operation of such meter until such time as a change of use, change of tenancy, change of occupancy or the transfer of title or ownership of such property should occur, at which time the use of such meter or measuring device shall be discontinued and the same shall be disconnected, decommissioned and/or abandoned and the EDU schedule attached hereto and incorporated herein, marked Exhibit 18-A will be used to determine the appropriate number of equivalent dwelling units (EDU's) being utilized at any such site which shall thereafter be applicable to the calculation of sewer rental rates or such other obligations or uses as may be determined appropriate by the Township. The reading from a meter or measuring device allowed to continue in use by a preexisting land use or activity, as hereinbefore provided, shall be used by the Township in computing the sewer rental for said site. The meters shall be under the full control of the Township, its agents, servants or employees, as deemed necessary. The owner of the improved property shall remain responsible for the meter's maintenance, repair and safekeeping; however, all repairs necessary thereto may be made by the Township at the property owner's expense should the property owner, tenant or occupant fail or refuse to undertake the maintenance or repair of such meter. Any and all obligation for the cost of such repairs shall become due and payable at the same time and be collected in the same manner as are bills and invoices for sewer rentals. In addition, the charges, billings or fees for service shall be pursuant to the schedule of rates and charges adopted by the Township and any partial billing period or succeeding billing period shall be paid upon the actual use recorded by said meter or the Township EDU Schedule contained herein, whichever is greater. Should a property owner fail to make the water meters and/or measuring devices available for reading or inspection by the Township, its agents, servants or employees at any time during reasonable business hours or on appropriate notice, the Township shall charge or bill the owner for the maximum service rates set forth in the EDU Schedule for that appropriate interval. Charges for any and all metered or measuring device services shall be as set forth in Exhibit 18-A, attached hereto, and incorporated herein, as may be amended from time to time and such other ordinances, resolutions or administrative regulations as are adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Other than property owners currently maintaining approved meters or measuring devices with reference to the municipal sewer system, no new or additional meters will be issued by the Township of New Hanover nor may any property owner install such meters for the purposes of calculating fees or costs associated with municipal sewer collection, conveyance or treatment services. Sewer rental charges for all new users, both commercial and residential, connected to and serviced by the municipal sewer collection, conveyance and treatment system following the date of enactment of this Part 2D shall be determined with reference to the EDU Schedule attached hereto, marked Exhibit 18-A and incorporated herein.
[Ord. 97-1, 5/12/1997, § 3]
Any and all remaining terms and conditions including, but not limited to, billing, invoicing, surcharges, reading of meters and the method of collection for such rates or fees shall be and remain consistent with the terms and conditions of all other ordinances, resolutions or administrative regulations, adopted, enacted and in place in New Hanover Township, as hereinbefore amended, reaffirming the terms, conditions, rules and regulations as therein set forth.
[Ord. 97-1, 5/12/1997, § 4]
The rates and charges as herein established, and as may be applicable with regard to all other ordinances, resolutions and administrative regulations of the Township, shall remain in full force and effect until revised, amended, increased, decreased or otherwise modified by subsequent action and/or resolution of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of New Hanover.