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Town of Marion, MA
Plymouth County
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[Adopted as Art. IX of the Bylaws]
No way shall be accepted by the Town unless it conforms to the following minimum specifications:
Descriptive plan, grant of title and easements, as required, have been filed with the Selectmen.
The land has been grubbed and cleared of all perishable material.
The land has been graded to flow water to any existing drainage system, brook or other natural drain in each side of the proposed roadway, and any drainage system required by the Planning Board has been inspected and approved by the Public Works Superintendent.
The land has been cleared of boulders projecting above the subgrade level and subgrade has been inspected by the Public Works Superintendent.
The effective length of the roadway has been graded to a maximum slope of 7%. If, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Public Works and the Planning Board, the topography is such that the seven-percent limit is not feasible, the gradient may be increased, but in no case may it exceed 10%.
The effective length and width of the roadway has been covered with a minimum of 12 inches of stabilized gravel to a point three inches below the finished grade shown on the profile with a transverse pitch from the center line to the pavement edge of one-quarter inch per foot. All roadway and rounded areas of street intersections shall be finished with bituminous concrete, meeting current Massachusetts DPW specifications. Concrete to be applied in a two-inch binder core and a subsequent one-inch topcoat, both well rolled and compacted to maintain the pitch above noted.
The width of the way conforms to the regulations of the Planning Board of the Town of Marion.