Borough of Rankin, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 2-101 Definitions.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 1]
As used in this Part, the following words shall have the meaning indicated:
Any dog or other animal when it is off the property of its owner and not restrained by the owner, keeper or another competent person.
A person, persons or institution which house and maintains animals for the purpose of reproduction for sale, exchange, and/or personal or private use.
A domesticated animal of the feline family.
Any member of the canine genus.
To apprehend, catch, trap, net or if necessary to kill any animals by the local police department or authorized local agency.
Any premises for the purpose of impounding and caring for mammals.
Any establishment wherein dogs or other animals are kept or maintained for any commercial purpose, and which is so constructed that dogs or other mammals cannot stray therefrom.
Any of the mammalia class of higher vertebrates comprising animals that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands and have the skin more or less covered with hair. For purposes of this Chapter, man is excluded from the term mammal.
Any person, group of persons, firms or corporations owing, keeping or harboring dogs or other animals.
When a dog or other animal is controlled by leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length.
A doctor or veterinary medicine who is graduated from an accredited or recognized school of veterinary medicine, and possesses a license to practice veterinary medicine as issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners or issued by the authorized authorities of the state where the veterinarian is the residing.

§ 2-102 Dog License Required; Exemption.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 2]
No person shall keep, harbor or maintain a dog unless the owner obtains a license from the County Treasurer or his authorized agent.
The provision of this section shall not apply to dogs whose owners are temporarily within the Borough or to dogs brought into the Borough for the purpose of participating in a dog show.

§ 2-103 Dogs and Cats at Large Prohibited.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 3]
No person, whether as owner or keeper, shall permit a dog or cat to run at large upon the public streets, sidewalks or other public places, or upon the property of another. A dog or cat shall be restrained by the use of a leash, or a chain not exceeding six feet in length, at all times when upon public places, streets and parks.

§ 2-104 Harboring a Nuisance; Exceptions.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 4]
No person shall keep or harbor any dog, cat, or other animal in the Borough so as to create offensive odors, excessive noise or unsanitary conditions which are a menace to the health, comfort or safety of the public, or otherwise permit the commission or existence of a nuisance as defined herein.
Any dog, cat, or other animal, which by frequent and habitual barking, howling, screeching, yelping or baying, or in any manner disturbs the quiet of any person or the community, or which disturbs or endangers the comfort, repose or health of persons, is hereby declared to be committing a nuisance. No owner or person having custody of such animal shall harbor or permit it to commit such a nuisance.
Any dog, cat or other animal which scratches, digs or defecates upon any lawn, tree, shrub, plant, building or any other public or private property, other than the property of the owner or person in charge or control of such animal, is hereby declared to be a nuisance.
No person being the owner or in charge or control of any dog, cat or other animal shall permit such animal to commit a nuisance on any school grounds, Borough park or other public property other than that of the owner or person in charge or control of such dog, cat or other animal without the permission of the owner of such property. Where the owner or person in charge or control of such animal immediately removes all feces deposited by such animal and disposes of same in a sanitary manner, such type of nuisance shall be considered abated.
Persons with defective eyesight or hearing while relying upon a dog specifically trained for these purposes shall be exempt from compliance with this section.

§ 2-105 Impounding, Notice, Redemption and Charges.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 5]
Every police officer or other authorized agency shall impound every dog at large.
After the impounding of any licensed dog, the owner shall be notified and the dog shall be held for 10 days. The owner of any impounded dog may reclaim such dog upon payment of all costs and charges incurred by the Borough for impounding and maintenance of such dog.

§ 2-106 Disposition of Unclaimed Dogs.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 6]
Unlicensed Dogs. Any unlicensed dog may be euthanized if not redeemed or claimed within three days after impounding.
Licensed Dogs. Any licensed dog may be euthanized if not redeemed within seven days from the date of an impounding notice to the owner of such licensed dog.
No licensed or unlicensed dog shall be provided by the Borough to any person or institution for the purposes of medical research.

§ 2-107 Vaccination Required.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 7]
No person shall keep, harbor or own any dog over six months of age in the Borough unless such dog has been vaccinated against rabies with an approved vaccine by a veterinarian.
Every person keeping, harboring or having any dog over six months of age in the Borough, shall cause such dog to be vaccinated with an approved rabies vaccine by a veterinarian on or before the latest of the following dates:
One year after vaccination with an inactive vaccine.
Three years after vaccination with an approved modified live virus vaccine.
Thirty days after first acquiring such a dog or the dog coming of age for such vaccination.
Thirty days after the effective date of this Part.
Thirty days after bringing such dog into the Borough.

§ 2-108 Re-Vaccination.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 8]
No person, keeping, harboring, or having a dog in the Borough which has been vaccinated with an approved modified live virus vaccine, shall fail to cause such dog to be re-vaccinated within not more than 36 months after such prior vaccination.
No person, keeping, harboring or having a dog in the Borough which has been vaccinated with inactivated vaccine, shall fail to cause such dog to be re-vaccinated within not more than 12 months after such prior vaccination.

§ 2-109 Tag and Certification of Vaccination.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 9]
The owner who has his dog vaccinated with an approved rabies vaccine shall have the veterinarian who vaccinates a dog issue to him a vaccination tag to be worn by such dog at all times, and an original certificate signed by the veterinarian stating:
The name and address of the owner or harborer of the vaccinated dog.
The kind of vaccine used, name of manufacturer, manufacturer's serial or lot number and the date of vaccination.
The breed, age, color and sex of the vaccinated dog.
The year and serial number of the vaccination tag.

§ 2-110 Breeders.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 10]
All breeders of dogs shall provide adequate and generally acceptable housing for their dogs.
All breeders shall be registered with the Borough Secretary, and pay an annual fee of $50 per year.
Kennels. All Kennels shall be adequate and meet standard generally accepted for such structures.

§ 2-111 Penalty.

[Ord. 263, 9/13/1984, § 11]
Any person violating any of the provisions of this Part shall, upon conviction thereof before a Justice of the Peace or District Magistrate, be subject to a fine not exceeding $300 together with costs of prosecution, and upon default of payment of said fine or costs shall be committed to the Allegheny County Jail for a period not exceeding 30 days. Each day that a violation shall be committed or permitted to exist, shall constitute a separate offense and may be punishable as such.

§ 2-201 Definitions.

[Ord. 428, -/-/2007, § 1]
For the purpose of this Part, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
Includes: (a) anyone who is responsible for keeping and maintaining the dog whether or not the dog is in that person's presence; (b) any person owning the dog or having a right of property in the dog; (c) any person who feeds or otherwise cares for the dog on a regular basis; and (d) any person who is directing the dog or exercising physical possession and control over the dog at the time the dog commits an act or acts violating this Part.

§ 2-202 Dogs Prohibited in Borough Parks and Playgrounds.

[Ord. 428, -/-/2007, § 2]
Dogs are hereby prohibited from entering Rankin Borough public parks or Rankin Borough public playgrounds. It shall be a violation of this Part for any owner or custodian of a dog, except seeing-eye dogs assisting a blind person, to fail to prevent the dog from entering into or being upon any land making up part of a Borough public park or Borough public playground.

§ 2-203 Penalty for Violation.

[Ord. 428, -/-/2007, § 3]
Any person or persons violating any of the provisions of this Part shall, upon conviction by summary proceedings, be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $25 plus the costs of prosecution for the first offense. Each subsequent offense shall cause to be issued a fine of not less than $100 plus the costs of prosecution. Each separate occurrence shall constitute a separate violation.