Town of East Hampton, CT
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The town manager shall be chosen by the council exclusively on the basis of his administrative qualifications, character and experience. He shall be the chief executive officer and chief administrative officer of the town. At the time of his appointment the town manager need not be a resident of the town of East Hampton, but within one year of the commencement of his term as town manager he shall establish and maintain residence in the town.
The town manager shall be directly responsible to the council for the administration of all offices and agencies in charge of persons appointed by him, including responsibility for hiring necessary employees therefore, and for his own office, and shall supervise and direct same. The town manager shall keep full and complete records of the doings of his office and it shall be his duty to make periodic reports to the council and to attend their meetings with full right of participation in their discussions; to recommend to the council such measures as he shall deem necessary or expedient; to keep or cause to be kept complete books of account showing the financial condition and financial transactions of the town including accounts of all funds and appropriations and such other accounts and records, not specifically required by law to be kept by other offices, as may be prescribed by the council; to purchase or cause to be purchased, subject to such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the council, all supplies, materials, equipment, and other commodities required by any office or agency of the town, except the Board of Education unless specifically requested by said Board; to keep the council fully advised as to the financial condition of the town; to prepare job descriptions and employment contracts subject to the approval of the council; to assist the council and the Board of Finance in the preparation of an annual budget; to prepare and cause to be printed as soon as practicable after the close of each fiscal year a town report; and to exercise such other powers and duties as may be imposed on him by ordinance or resolution by the council. Neither the town meeting nor the council shall diminish by ordinance, vote or otherwise the powers and duties of the town manager, except those powers and duties imposed on him by ordinance or resolution, of the council. Unless otherwise specifically provided by ordinance, any duty imposed by the General Statutes on the chief executive officer of a municipality shall be vested in and exercised by the town manager.
Based upon merit and fitness alone, the town manager shall appoint for an indefinite term or remove for cause, a town clerk, a collector of revenue, a finance director who shall perform the duties of treasurer, a building official, a zoning enforcement officer, a director of health, a civil preparedness director, an animal control officer, a tree warden, a harbor master and a superintendent of public works. In addition to the aforementioned, the town manager shall appoint, based upon merit and fitness alone, all other department heads and employees, except employees of the board of education. Such appointments shall be made when vacancies exist or new positions are created by the council. The town manager may, subject to the approval of the council, perform the duties of any office which he may fill by appointment. The council may appoint an interim town manager to act during the absence of the town manager or a vacancy in that office.