Town of Woodbury, CT
Litchfield County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the prior Town Code have been included in the 2018 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not included in recodified Code
Chapter/Title from Prior Town Code
Location in 2018 Code
Ch. 1, General Provisions
§ 1-1, How Code designated and cited
Ch. 1, Art. I
§ 1-2, Rules of Construction
Ch. 1, Art. I
§§ 1-3 through 1-7 and 1-9 through 1-11
§ 1-8, Penalties
Ch. 1, Art. II
Ch. 2, Administration
Art. I, In General
Sec. 2-1, Election officials
Ch. 19
Sec. 2-2, Concerning the Number and Selection of Justices of the Peace
Ch. 48
Sec. 2-3, Establishing Fee for Geographic Information System Data Produced by Town of Woodbury
Repealed 5-21-2018
Art. II, Commission for the Elderly
Ch. 7, Art. I
Art. III, Public Building Commission
Ch. 7, Art. II
Art. IV, Flood and Erosion Control Board
Ch. 7, Art. III
Ch. 2.5, Alarm Systems
Ch. 105
Ch. 3, Alcoholic Beverages
Repealed 5-21-2018
Ch. 3.5, Animals and Fowl
Art. I, In General (Reserved)
Art. II, Dogs
Ch. 130
Ch. 4, Building Regulations
Ch. 121
Ch. 4.5, Emergency Management
Ch. 24
Ch. 5, Fire Prevention
§ 5-1, Duties of Board of Fire Commissioners
Ch. 143, Art. I
§ 5-2, Fire Zones
Ch. 143, Art. II
§ 5-3, Open Burning
Ch. 143, Art. III
Ch. 6, Garbage and Refuse
§ 6-1, Disposal of Solid Waste
Ch. 205, Art. I
§ 6-2, Solid Waste Management, Collection and Disposal
Ch. 205, Art. II
§ 6-3, Recyclable Material
Ch. 205, Art. III
Ch. 6.5, Health and Sanitation
Art. I, In General (Reserved)
Art. II, Health District
Ch. 36
Ch. 7, Licenses and Business Regulations
Art. I, In General (Reserved)
Art. II, Bazaars and Raffles
Ch. 116
Art. III, Food and Beverage Service Establishments
Ch. 149
Art. IV, Solicitors
Ch. 186, Art. I
Art. V, Peddlers
Ch. 186, Art. II
Ch. 7.5, Parks and Recreational Facilities
Art. II, Use Regulations
Ch. 182
Ch. 8, Planning and Zoning
Art. I, In General (Reserved)
Art. II, Zoning Commission
§ 8-16, Adoption of State Statute by Reference
Ch. 7, Art. IV
§ 8-17, Establishing Fees for Applications Filed Pursuant to the Woodbury Zoning Regulations, Woodbury Subdivision Regulations, Woodbury Regulations Pertaining to Construction and Acceptance of Streets, Woodbury Inlands Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations, and Woodbury Historic District Regulations
Ch. 138, Art. I
Art. III, Reserved
Art. IV, Regional Council
Ch. 7, Art. V
Art. V, Historic Districts
Ch. 157
Art. VI, Water Pollution Control Authority
Ch. 7, Art. VI
Sec. 8-90, Designation of Woodbury Zoning Commission as the Town's Aquifer Protection Agency
Ch. 7, Art. VII
Ch. 9, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, In General
Ch. 210, Art. I
Art. II, Driveway Construction
Ch. 210, Art. II
Art. III, Scenic Roads
Ch. 210, Art. III
Ch. 10, Taxes
§ 10-1, Fiscal Year
Ch. 1, Art. III
§ 10-2, Payment Dates for Annual Tax Levy
Ch. 218, Art. I
§ 10-3, Property Tax Exemptions
Ch. 218, Art. II
§ 10-4, Tax Abatement for Low and Moderate Income Housing
Ch. 218, Art. III
§ 10-5, Tax Relief Program for Elderly and Permanently Disabled Homeowners
Ch. 218, Art. IV
§ 10-6, Woodbury Ambulance Association Tax Abatement
Ch. 218, Art. V
§ 10-7, Tax Abatement on Structures of Historical or Architectural Merit
Ch. 218, Art. VI
§ 10-8, Tax Exemption for Vehicles Equipped for Transporting Disabled Persons
Ch. 218, Art. VII
Ch. 11, Traffic
§ 11-1, Reserved
§ 11-2, Abandoned, Wrecked, Junked and Dismantled Motor Vehicles
Ch. 232, Art. I
§ 11-3, Parking so as to Obstruct Snow Removal; Impoundment of Vehicles, Etc.
Ch. 232, Art. II
§ 11-4, Traffic Control and Highway Safety
Ch. 232, Art. III
§ 11-5, Parking Restrictions
Ch. 232, Art. IV
Appendix A, Sanitary Regulations
Ch. 200