City of Mission, KS
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 270.010 Creation.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
In order to provide citizen input and interaction with City services, specifically the construction and maintenance of capital infrastructure, the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Committee for the City of Mission is hereby established.

Section 270.020 Membership.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
The CIP Committee shall consist of ten (10) members, one (1) of whom may be a non-resident of the City of Mission, one (1) member from each ward, two (2) representatives from the Planning Commission, two (2) representatives from the Parks, Recreation, and Tree Commission, and one (1) representative from the Sustainability Commission.

Section 270.030 Terms Of Office.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
The Mayor, with the consent of the Council, shall appoint the members of the Capital Improvement Program Committee. Members shall be appointed for terms of two (2) years each except as otherwise herein provided. In establishing the Committee, terms shall be staggered between one (1) and two (2) year appointments. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term only. The number of members may not be reduced unless a vacancy exists or unless the reduction takes effect at the end of a term. Following initial creation, members of the Capital Improvement Program Committee shall be appointed at the first regular meeting of the Governing Body in January. Members shall serve without compensation.

Section 270.040 Meetings.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
The CIP Committee shall meet monthly, or upon call by the Mayor or City Administrator. A majority of the members of the CIP Committee shall be sufficient as a quorum for transaction of business of the Committee. Time of meetings shall be posted publicly and open to members of the public. Meetings shall be held in City/public facilities.

Section 270.050 Officers.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
The Capital Improvement Program Committee shall consist of ten (10) members from which a Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected. The Vice Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair. Officers shall be elected at the first regularly scheduled meeting after the Governing Body has appointed new members at the first regularly scheduled meeting in January.

Section 270.060 Duties And Responsibilities.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
It shall be the responsibility of the Capital Improvement Program Committee to work with staff to evaluate, review and recommend projects for funding in the five-year Capital Improvement Program. In developing the program, the CIP Committee will: seek to align projects with identified master and strategic plans; identify issues that may be roadblocks to successful project implementation; focus on continuous improvement in the Capital Improvement Program; and advise the Governing Body on the most critical needs.
The Committee will review and evaluate funding and revenue streams used to support the five-year Capital Improvement Program and shall make recommendations to the Governing Body regarding the same.
The Committee from time to time may establish subcommittee, advisory committees or technical committees to advise or assist in the activities of the Committee.

Section 270.070 Record Of Proceedings.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
A record of all proceedings of the Capital Improvement Program Committee shall be kept.

Section 270.080 Member Removal.

[Ord. No. 1451 § I, 3-15-2017]
Any member of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Committee may be removed or replaced by a vote of the majority of the Governing Body at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Governing Body.