City of Biddeford, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-16-2017 by Ord. No. 2017.36]
In addition to the requirements set forth under Article IV of this chapter, applications for the sale, possession and consumption of liquor at special events which are held on City public property, that fall within the jurisdiction of the City Council, must be completed on a form that has been approved by the City Clerk.
As used herein, "liquor" means spirits, wine, malt liquor or hard cider, or any substance containing liquor, intended for human consumption, that contains more than 1/2 of 1% of alcohol by volume.
This policy sets forth the procedures, requirements, and limitations on the use of City property for the service and/or sale of liquor at and during permitted special events. Special events do not include gatherings of family and friends in public parks, listed under Chapter 46, Section 46-5. This policy is subject to and supplements any applicable provisions in the Code of Ordinances for special events on and other uses of City property.
Whenever a special event has been specifically authorized by the City Council for the service and/or sale of liquor, this authorization shall be limited to income tax exempt organizations or governmental entities, and restricted to the following properties:
Mechanics Park
Corner of Water and Main Streets
Shevenell Park
147 Main Street
St. Louis Field
284 Hill Street
Applications for liquor on City property for sale, possession, and/or consumption of liquor at special events shall be submitted along with the event application to the Biddeford Codes Department not less than 30 days prior to the special event, although the Codes Enforcement Officer may accept late applications in exigent or special circumstances.
An applicant who has received permission to sell or serve liquor during a special event must agree to the following restrictions in order to gain permission to serve liquor:
Liquor is limited to malt liquor and wine only. No other spirits are permitted.
Liquor may be sold and served for on-premises consumption only by a licensed caterer, or a nonprofit organization registered with the Secretary of State, and licensed to sell alcoholic beverages through the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages. Prior to the special event, the caterer, or other the qualified nonprofit organization, shall provide proof that the caterer has received all state and local licenses and permits necessary for the sale and service of liquor at the event, and shall provide a certificate of liquor liability insurance in an amount to be determined by the City, which certificate names both the City of Biddeford and the applicant as additional insureds.
At least 30 days prior to the event, the applicant must provide to the City the following:
Copies of all required permits, licenses and insurance certificates;
The name(s) and complete and accurate contact information for the state-licensed caterer, or qualified nonprofit organization, who will be staffing the event;
The names and addresses of the trained servers who are expected to be staffing the event, together with evidence of their training; and
The name of a responsible party or parties (which may also be the applicant or caterer) designated by the applicant to supervise the sale and/or service of liquor at and during the special event.
The responsible party listed on the event application shall serve as the contact person during the event, and one or more responsible party must be present on the site for the entire duration of the sale or service of liquor at the special event.
The Security and Fees Chart below specifies the number of security personnel to be present, and the arrangements and expense for the same shall be borne by the applicant.
All liquor servers at the special event must have received TIPS training (Training for Intervention Procedures) approved by the State of Maine.
Liquor may be served only in area(s) specifically laid out and identified as such in the special events application, reviewed by the City, and approved by the State of Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages. The applicant shall assure that signs are prominently posted that identify liquor restrictions at all entrance and exit points.
The applicant must designate TIPS-trained servers (number specified in chart below) to serve and oversee the area that is licensed for the sale and consumption of liquor at all times. This person is responsible for verifying the legal age of each person consuming or possessing liquor.
The applicant or its caterer is responsible for the purchase and transportation of all liquor to be sold or served at the special event.
Patrons attending the event are strictly prohibited from bringing in their own beverages.
Only a caterer or TIPS-trained server may dispense beer from kegs or barrels. Proper recycling of empty liquor containers is the responsibility of the applicant. No person less than 21 years of age may serve, possess and/or consume liquor.
Oversized drinks, contests, volume discounts, or similar incentives are not permitted.
The serving of all liquor must cease at least 30 minutes prior to the specified and approved closing time of the special event.
All liquor and related containers must be removed from the premises immediately after the event. The applicant must provide appropriate cleaning of the area sufficient to eliminate any liquor residue or smell on the premises.
An adequate supply of food must be served and available to persons attending the special event. It is recommended that all event organizers take steps to encourage food consumption to help reduce the risk of intoxication. Nonliquor must be made available and at a lower cost than any liquor.
Security and Fees Chart
Number of People
1 to 100
101 to 200
201 to 300*
Security Personnel
Minimum 1 security personnel
Minimum 2 security personnel
Minimum 3 security personnel
Liquor Permit Fee
Servers/Caterer (TIPS training)
Minimum 1 TIPS-trained server
Minimum 2 TIPS-trained servers
Minimum 3 TIPS-trained servers
Requisite levels of staffing for special events with over 300 participants shall be determined by the reviewing authority on a case-by-case basis.
The City reserves the right to amend and/or impose additional policies, requirements, deposits and restrictions by order of the City Council and/or as conditions imposed on one or more special events applicants.
The Code Enforcement Officer, Chief of Police, or their designee may order the immediate termination of the special event if the applicant is found to be in violation of any term or condition of applicant's permit, or any state statute or local ordinance or regulation. Upon such termination, all activities shall cease and all equipment, furnishings and other material shall be removed from the premises, and the premises cleaned and restored to its original condition forthwith.
Permits issued pursuant to these regulations are for the specific event, with a specific date, time and place listed on the application. Permits are not transferable or assignable to any other person, group or other entity.
Except as authorized herein, liquor may not be sold, served or consumed at any of the City's athletic fields or playgrounds.