Henderson County, KY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Fiscal Court of Henderson County 3-3-2015 by Ord. No. 15-03. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the establishment and administration of a uniform system for assigning and displaying addresses for parcels of property situated on all public and private streets within Henderson County, Kentucky, in order to promote the health, welfare and safety of all persons and property within this County by facilitating more efficient delivery of public services including that of emergency services, health and building inspections, soil evaluations, property tax evaluations, property tax administration, property mapping as well as parcel and mail delivery.
The Henderson City-County Planning Commission is designated as the official agency responsible for assigning new addresses and changing addresses that do not meet the standards as outlined in this chapter. It shall propose revisions to this chapter when necessary to maintain continuity in addressing standards.
As used in this chapter, the following terms and their derivatives shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended:
The combination of a number or a set of numbers and a road prefix, where necessary and a road suffix such as "Road," "Highway," "Street," etc.
A number or set of numbers of an address.
A combination of material, whether portable or fixed, forming a structure having a roof or walls affording a facility or shelter for use of occupancy by person, animals or property.
The 911 emergency reporting system that is capable of selectively routing 911 telephone calls to the appropriate public safety answering point and which delivers voice communications, displays the name of callers to 911 as well as the call back number of the caller and the location of the call by assigned address.
An individual, proprietorship, partnership, firm, trust, assignee, independent contractor, limited-liability company, association, joint stock company, corporation or combination of individuals of whatever form or character.
Any vehicular way that is an approved state, County or municipal roadway or is shown on an approved and recorded subdivision plat or a private way that serves three or more existing lots or buildings.
The proper name of a road including any applicable suffix.
A division of a tract of land into separate lots or in order to provide for the transfer of ownership and/or development.
At the time a subdivision plat is submitted for approval by the Planning Commission, any new lot or parcel created by plat may be addressed at the time of approval and recording. This may include unimproved property.
Individuals owning property with no assigned address shall contact the Planning Commission office for proper assignment.
The Address Coordinator shall be responsible for assigning or modifying address numbers. All numbers for properties and addressable structures shall be assigned by the Address Coordinator following the procedures and guidelines contained in this chapter.
The street name and number assigned to each structure within the County shall be the official address of such structure, for all purposes. Numbers assigned by any other person or entity shall not be recognized or used for any purpose. The assignment of the address number is not subject to the property owners' approval.
All new addressable structures or units shall be assigned a physical address. Numbers shall also be assigned to any location that can place outgoing phone calls through a conventional landline.
Existing addressable structures or units that do not have a physical address shall be assigned a physical address.
The physical address of existing addressable structures or units that have an inconsistent physical address shall be changed when necessary. The Address Coordinator may renumber or rescind numbers from existing nonconforming structures or properties.
The Address Coordinator shall communicate all changes pertaining to address numbers or road names to the Henderson Emergency Communications Center (E-911), utilities, PVA, County agencies, AT&T, the United States Postal Service and the Bureau of Driver's License.
Addresses shall be assigned in an equal-interval pattern and shall run in sequence in a logical and consistent order whenever possible.
Numbers shall not be officially assigned to subdivisions until the plat has been submitted for recordation. The Address Coordinator may also choose not to address any lots where access is not specified with certainty to the satisfaction of the Address Coordinator. This is most likely to occur with large lots, reverse (through) lots, or corner lots.
For vacant land that has been previously divided, a physical address shall only be assigned after the property owner/developer has made a final determination of the driveway/access point and specified this location to the satisfaction of the County Codes Administrator, County Engineer and Address Coordinator.
Each road shall have the same name throughout its entire length, except that a road name may change when, and only when, there is a substantial intersection or at municipal boundaries.
All single-family structures shall be assigned one location address consisting of numeric characters only. Each entranceway to separate tenant spaces or residential units located on the exterior of the structure shall be assigned a separate unit number which may or may not consist of a numeric value or an alpha character.
Office buildings with exterior entrances shall be assigned an address location number. Each exterior entrance shall then be assigned a "suite" or "unit" designation which may consist of numeric or alpha characters or both.
In cases of a single building with multiple entranceways leading to shared or common hallways or lobbies, only one location address number will be assigned. Each separate area or space will have a separate designation assigned as described above and those should be posted.
In any case where multiple address designations are assigned/used, the numbers or alpha characters should follow a left-to-right pattern when facing the front of the structure.
Properties located on roads running north and south; even address numbers shall be assigned for those properties situated on the east and south of the road. For roads running east and west, odd numbers will be assigned for those properties situated west and north of the road.
Legally subdivided parcels or subdivisions may be addressed provided they meet subdivision regulations.
All persons must clearly display the address on any property they own as follows:
On both sides of the mail box in numerals three inches minimum height made of reflective material and in a color that contrasts (dark figures over a light background or light figures over a dark background) with the mailbox; or
On the front of the structure or at the entranceway to the structure. Numbers shall be of a reflective material, size three inches minimum height and of a contrasting color as set forth above, so as to be visible from the roadway both daytime and nighttime.
Address numbers shall be displayed as numerals and shall not be spelled out.
If two structures or more share the same driveway, the number for each structure must be displayed at the driveway/structure entrance in accordance with the directives above.
Should the mail box be across from the entrance of roadway to property, said owner may place a post at the driveway (structure side) displaying the address with required numbers.
On corner lots, the number shall only be displayed to face the street upon which the property is numbered.
Any numbers previously displayed could be confused with or mistaken for the assigned address and will be removed from all posted locations by the property owner.
Any address number associated with an incorrect physical address shall be removed and replaced with the correct address by the property owner within 30 days of notification of the correct address by the Address Coordinator. The property owner shall be responsible to purchase, install and maintain the correct structure address numbers.
Numbers shall be properly maintained by the property owner to ensure they are clearly discernible from the roadway upon which the property is numbered.
In the event that the foregoing requirements cannot be satisfied due to the placement of a mailbox or because there is no structure located less than 75 feet from the road, the owner of the property is required to make alternative arrangements to ensure that the property address is visible from the road including, but not limited to, posting the property address on a fence, gate or other apparatus visible from the roadway at no less than 36 inches in height.
Requirements of additional address location will be excluded from any major and minor subdivision, where each home has a required monument-type mailbox as required by deed restrictions.
Addresses shall be displayed as set out above within 30 days of the address assignment. The owner of each dwelling, unit or business structure shall pay the cost of fabrication and placement of each set of numbers required to identify each structure.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter, including the provisions requiring the display of an address, shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than $1 per day for each day out of compliance and continuance of any such violation, which shall be considered a separate offense with a maximum aggregate fine per court case of $100.
The County Codes Administrator shall issue a written notice of the violation to the owner of the property failing to comply giving 30 days from the date of notification to take corrective measures. If, after 30 days, corrective measures have not been taken to satisfy the violation, criminal or civil measures may be initiated.
Compliance with the procedures and standards set forth in this chapter shall be mandatory.
This chapter shall take effect and be in full force on July 1, 2015.