Borough of Glassboro, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Glassboro 6-27-2017 by Ord. No. 17-27. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Noise — See Ch. 327.
The Borough of Glassboro does hereby adopt the attached "Glassboro Town Square Standard Operating Procedures" for use of the Glassboro Town Square.
General definitions. As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The Borough of Glassboro.
The group or individual presenting and implementing a particular event at the Glassboro Town Square.
The municipal permit that allows special events and festivals to be held on site at Glassboro Town Square.
Any special event that has a multiday schedule and/or has received major funding support from external sources.
The Borough of Glassboro ordinance that controls the sound levels of an event.[1]
The total number of people to be accommodated in a venue.
A permit that approves the display and/or sale of merchandise or food items on Borough property (sidewalks, streets, parks, etc.).
Works of art, awards or gifts to the Borough, or other objects and memorabilia significant to Glassboro history, milestones, or achievements that are installed on site.
Artworks owned by the Borough through purchase or donation.
Events which involve people protesting, promoting or supporting an issue through the use of any or all of the following:
Devices to amplify sound (e.g., megaphones, microphones, drums).
Carrying and/or display of signs or placards.
A permit that allows for a special event to occur on a Borough of Glassboro roadway.
Any temporary banners, placards or boards that identify the name of an event or the sponsors associated with it.
Any function that is less than one day in duration and is not a regular, daily occurrence.
Police officers that are supplied by the Borough of Glassboro Police Department and dedicated exclusively to the event at a cost to the event organizer.
Glassboro Town Square located at 1 W. High Street, corner of High and Main Street, Glassboro, New Jersey 08028.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 327, Noise.
Booking the Town Square. To begin the booking process event organizers must complete the Facilities Use Application and Agreement. Contact the Town Square and Open Space Coordinator to inquire about available dates and begin working through the rest of the process.
Booking requests deadlines.
Completed application should be submitted 90 days prior to event.
Subject to Council approval.
Event requests cannot be scheduled more than one year in advance without Council approval.
Cancellation policy. The Borough requires a minimum of 30 business days to cancel an event or charges may be applied.
Administration. Appropriate use of Glassboro Town Square: All programs and use of Glassboro Town Square must adhere to the Facilities Use Application and Agreement and Glassboro Town Square Standard Operating Procedure. The Town Square Program Coordinator will work with you to ensure your event meets all of our guidelines.
Behavior management policy. Unacceptable antisocial behavior is behavior that disrupts the normal functioning of Glassboro Town Square, and which, consciously or unconsciously, interferes with other's use of the Glassboro Town Square, or disrupts the Town Square environment. Below are examples of unacceptable behaviors defined by the laws of the State of New Jersey, the Borough of Glassboro and/or by Glassboro Town Square policy. Violations may result in a citation, fine or other penalties. Actions that are unacceptable but not limited to:
Creating a disturbance.
Fighting/molesting/harassing/disorderly conduct.
Nonpermitted firearms possession or use prohibited.
Weapons possession or use prohibited.
Using profanity/obscene language directed at/or more disturbing to others.
Vandalizing property/theft of property.
Any activity intimidating or threatening others or disrupting a program or event.
Engaging in antisocial behavior, causing unsafe conditions.
Wearing attire or displaying material intolerance of human rights.
In-line skating/skateboarding/bicycling.
Electric vehicles, golf carts, LSVs without prior consent from the Borough of Glassboro.
Blocking thoroughfares/doors/stairways/exits/points of access/ingress and egress.
Causing unsanitary conditions/littering.
Smoking is prohibited within the boundaries of any Borough park.
Possession of an opened alcoholic beverage is illegal without prior consent from the Borough of Glassboro.
Cooking and/or preparation of food is prohibited without proper permitting.
Games/play are allowed on turf areas, but shoes with cleats must not be worn as these damage the grass.
Fireworks are not permitted in Borough parks, or anywhere in the Borough, except at special events with prior Council approval.
Vending (the offering of merchandise, food, beverages, admission tickets, services, etc., for profit) at parks is only allowed with proper permitting.
The use of tape, glue, nails, tacks, screws, staples, or other fasteners that may scratch or otherwise damage surfaces of the Town Square is prohibited. Paint, tacks, nails, or other fasteners are not allowed on trees. Paint or ink marks are not allowed on sidewalks or other surfaces.
All trash must be removed from the Town Square or bagged and placed in trash receptacles and dumpsters.
Conducting camps, fairs, exhibitions, rallies, races, walks, athletic games or practices, and other organizing events are prohibited without proper permitting.
Construction of tents, canopies, inflatable amusements, or other temporary structures are prohibited without proper permitting.
Sale of food, beverages, or other goods or services, charging of fees for any activities or services is prohibited without proper permitting.
The use of drones, UAVs, remote control vehicles is prohibited.
Damages. The event organizer/applicant is responsible for any cost related to an event which has not been otherwise agreed to, in writing, prior to the event. Event organizer is liable for any loss or damage to Borough property or equipment. These costs include but are not limited to the additional costs of the fee schedule and are payable immediately to the Borough of Glassboro upon receipt of an invoice to the event organizer. Repairs for damages are calculated at an hourly rate and materials are charged at cost.
Inspections. A pre- and postinspection of the site must be conducted by a Borough representative and an event organizer at an agreed-upon time. Any damages found after the event will be charged to the event accordingly.
All permits are the responsibility of the event organizer(s). Required permits may include as necessary but are not limited to:
Completed application for use of facility events form and a completed municipality use of facilities agreement.
Copy of certificate of insurance.
An application for street closure permit.
A tent permit.
Propane cooking permit.
Mobile food vendor permit.
Raffle license.
Bingo license.
New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control social affair permit.
New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control catering permit.
Details on permit requirements and application processes can be obtained through the Town Square Program Coordinator.
Special conditions.
The Borough reserves the right to set the level of service for each event and may require, at the organizer's expense:
Police/security personnel.
Certified first aid professionals.
Fire Department personnel.
Other personnel and services as are deemed necessary.
Only authorized personnel are allowed to handle Borough equipment.
Special events at Glassboro Town Square must not screen or impede access to the permanent business tenants operating on or in the vicinity of the Glassboro Town Square.
Violation of any of the Borough of Glassboro bylaws, ordinances, policies and procedures may result in your permit being revoked and you may be subject to damages and forfeit future use of the Glassboro Town Square.
Borough policies, permits and ordinances.
Alcohol consumption may be permitted on site at the Glassboro Town Square when appropriate and permitted with prior consent from the Borough of Glassboro. Due to the public nature of this space approval is determined on a case-by-case basis as per the Town Square use policy. Any alcohol served and consumed must comply with the standards set forth by the NJABC including a social affair permit and catering permit as appropriate. Please note that many permits require 90 days' notice.
*Special insurance requirements apply during events with alcohol present.
Animals. Any approved animal displays are the responsibility of event organizers including the health and well-being of the animals as well as cleanup and removal of all wastes from the Glassboro Town Square. Please contact the Borough of Glassboro Health Department to determine health regulation requirements and notify the Town Square Program Coordinator of your intentions to include live animals at your event.
Food. Temporary vendors, caterers or food-related additions to your event may be permitted; please check with the Town Square Program Coordinator and with the Borough of Glassboro Health Department to ensure these vendors are properly licensed. A Gloucester County Department of Health Mobile Retail Food Establishment Application must be submitted prior to any event including food or food products. Application forms may be attained through the website or through the Borough of Glassboro Public Health offices and may require more than 60 days to process.