Borough of Ridley Park, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The purpose of this district is to allow the growth and continued use of industrial properties while minimizing the negative environmental impacts of such uses and the potential decline in value of uses in the adjacent districts.
Land, buildings, or premises shall be used by right for only one or more of the following uses:
Laboratories and scientific or industrial research and development centers.
Printing, publishing, photo finishing, or similar establishments.
Laundry, laundry service, cleaning, and dyeing plants, provided that the minimum lot area is not less than 7,500 square feet.
Commercial greenhouses, nurseries, and wholesale florists.
Mail-order merchandise businesses.
Indoor storage buildings, warehouses, or distribution centers.
Building materials storage and sales.
General service or contractor's shops, provided that the minimum lot area is not less than 7,500 square feet.
Cold storage plants, frozen food plants and lockers, and catering establishments.
Automobile repair shops, including auto bodywork and painting, provided that the minimum lot area is not less than 7,500 square feet.
Wireless communications facilities, subject to Article XIX.
Remote parking, subject to § 213-85.
The following uses are permitted by special exception only, subject to the applicable provisions of Articles XVII and XXIII:
The manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging, or treatment of products from previously prepared materials, subject to Article XX.
Adult uses, subject to § 213-129.
Tattoo parlors, subject to § 213-131.
Wireless communication facilities, subject to § 213-145.
Uses of the same general character as those permitted in §§ 213-72 and 213-73. Such uses shall be permitted as a special exception by the Zoning Hearing Board after consideration of the recommendation of the Planning Commission, provided that these uses are consistent with the purposes and provisions of the district, comply with the performance standards in Article XX, and are not detrimental to the surrounding neighborhood.
The following uses are permitted as accessory uses incidental to the uses permitted by right:
Accessory uses on the same lot with and customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses.
Accessory uses incidental to the principal use which do not include any activity conducted as a business.
Signs in accordance with Article XV.
Unless stated otherwise, the following shall be minimum requirements provided. However, nothing herein shall prohibit the continuation of any lawful nonconforming conditions existing at the time of adoption of these regulations, subject to the provisions of Article XXI.
Lot area
15,000 square feet
Lot width
100 feet
Building coverage
40% maximum
Impervious surface
60% maximum
Front yard
50 feet
Side yards
20 feet (each side)
Rear yard
25 feet
35 feet or 3 stories maximum
All uses shall be in full compliance with Article XX.
All uses established in this district after adoption of these regulations shall be demonstrated by the applicant not to be materially injurious to adjacent uses or to the Borough as a whole by the emission or creation of noise, vibration, smoke, dust, or other toxic or noxious materials, particulates, odors, fires, explosive hazards, heat, or glare in excess of the standards provided in Article XX.
Screening and landscaping shall be provided in accordance with §§ 213-114 and 213-115, respectively.
All uses, processes, and activities shall also comply with any applicable standards of federal, state, and county regulatory agencies.