City of Franklin, WI
Milwaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to carry out the purpose and provisions of this Ordinance, the City of Franklin is hereby divided into the following zoning districts:
Residential Districts:
Countryside/Estate Single-Family Residence District
Estate Single-Family Residence District
Suburban/Estate Single-Family Residence District
Suburban/Estate Single-Family Residence District
Suburban Single-Family Residence District
Suburban Single-Family Residence District
Suburban Single-Family Residence District
Two-Family Residence District
Multiple-Family Residence District
Village Residence District
Conservation Residence District
Business Districts:
Neighborhood Business District
General Business District
Community Business District
South 27th Street Mixed use Commercial District
Highway Business District
Professional Office District
South 27th Street Mixed Use Office District
Office Overlay District
General Business Overlay District
City Civic Center District
Village Business District
Industrial Districts:
Limited Industrial District
General Industrial District
Business Park District
Public and Semi-Public Districts:
Institutional District
Park District
Agricultural Districts:
Agricultural District
Prime Agricultural District
Special Districts:
Planned Development Districts
Airport Overlay District
Historic Preservation Overlay District
Landfill District
South 27TH Street Design Overlay District
Floodplain Districts:
Floodway District
Floodplain Conservancy District
Floodplain Fringe Overlay district
SW Shoreland Wetland Overlay District
The location and boundaries of the districts established by this Ordinance are set forth in the Official Zoning Map, dated July 1, 1998, and as amended, which is incorporated herein and hereby made a part of this Ordinance. The Official Zoning Map shall consist of a series of one inch equals 100 feet scale maps for each U. S. Public Land Survey quarter-section in the City of Franklin, Wisconsin. These maps, together with everything shown thereon, and all amendments thereto, shall be as much a part of this Ordinance as though fully set forth and described herein.
General Location of Zoning District Boundaries.
Zoning Boundary Determination. The zoning district boundaries are streets, alleys, railroads, lot lines, streams, floodplain boundaries, and wetland boundaries unless otherwise shown on the Official Zoning Map.
Zoning Boundary Determination for Approximate Boundaries. Where the designation of the Official Zoning Map indicates that various zoning districts are approximately bounded by a street, alley, lot line, stream, floodplain boundary, or wetland boundary, such lot line or the centerline of such street, alley, or railroad right-of-way, or centerline of the main channel of such stream, the floodplain boundaries, or wetland boundaries as delineated on maps prepared by the City or under the Root River Watershed study, or as determined through the use of on-site wetland delineation, flood profiles and accompanying hydrologic and hydraulic engineering data, shall be construed to be the zoning district boundary line.
Split Zoning of Newly Created Lots Not Allowed. The split zoning of any newly created lot or parcel into more than one zoning district shall not be allowed except for the AO, FW, FC, FFO, and SW Districts.
Zoning District Boundary Lines On Unsubdivided Property. In unsubdivided property, the location of the zoning district boundary lines shown on the Official Zoning Map shall be determined by the use of the scale on such map or in the case of floodplain boundaries shall be determined through the use of flood profiles and accompanying hydrologic and hydraulic engineering data, or shall be in accordance with the dimensions shown on the maps measured at right angles from the centerline of the street or highway, and the length of frontage shall be in accordance with dimensions shown on the map from section, quarter-section, or division lines, or centerlines of streets, highways, or railroad rights-of-way unless otherwise indicated.
Boundaries of Floodplain Zoning Districts. The boundaries of the FW Floodway District shall be determined by use of the scale contained on the Official Zoning Map. The boundaries of the FC Floodplain Conservancy District and the FFO Floodplain Fringe Overlay District shall be determined by the floodplain limits shown on the Official Zoning Map. When more restrictive, the base flood elevations as designated in Flood Insurance Study, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and Incorporated Areas, 55079CV001A, 55079CV002A, 55079CV003A, 55079CV004A, 55079CV005A dated September 26, 2008, and the boundaries of all floodplain districts as designated in Flood Insurance Rate Map, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and Incorporated Areas, map panels 55079C0137E, 55079C0139E, 55079C0141E, 55079C0142E, 55079C0143E, 55079C0144E, 55079C0161E, 55079C0162E, 55079C0163E, 55079C0164E, 55079C0206E, 55079C0207E, 55079C0209E, 55079C0226E, 55079C0227E, 55079C0228E, 55079C0229E, dated September 26, 2008, shall be utilized. Where a conflict exists between the floodplain limits shown on the Official Zoning Map or the FIRM and actual field conditions, the elevations from the one-hundred-year recurrence interval flood profile shall be the governing factor in locating the regulatory floodplain limits.
Boundaries of the SW Shoreland Wetland Overlay District. Boundaries of the SW Shoreland Wetland Overlay District were determined from use of the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Map for the City of Franklin, dated March 15, 1989, and stamped "FINAL." Section 62.231 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires that all shoreland wetlands five acres or greater in area be protected by the City. In addition, all wetlands in the City of Franklin are further protected under the provisions of Division 15-4.0100 of this Ordinance. All wetland boundaries shall be verified prior to development by a professional trained in wetland delineation.
All streets, alleys, public-ways, waterways, and railroad rights-of-way, if not otherwise specifically designated, shall be deemed to be in the same zone as the property immediately abutting upon such alleys, streets, public-ways, waterways, and railroad rights-of-way. Where the centerline of a street, alley, public-way, waterway, or railroad right-of-way serves as a district boundary, the zoning of such areas, unless otherwise specifically designated, shall be deemed to be the same as that of the abutting property up to such centerline.
General. Any additions to the incorporated area of the City of Franklin, resulting from disconnections from incorporated areas in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County or otherwise, shall be automatically classified in the A-1 Agricultural District until otherwise classified by amendment.
Annexations or Consolidations Containing Shorelands. Annexations containing shorelands shall comply with § 62.231 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Annexations or Consolidations Containing Floodplains. Annexations or consolidations containing floodplains shall be placed in the following districts as applicable:
All floodways and unnumbered A Zones on the FEMA map shall be placed in the FW Floodway District.
All other floodplains shall be placed in the FC Floodplain Conservancy District.
Annexations or Consolidations Containing Shoreland Wetlands. Annexations or consolidations containing shoreland wetlands shall be placed in the SW Shoreland Wetland Overlay District.