City of Crestwood, MO
St. Louis County
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[Ord. No. 128, § 1, 4-28-1953; Code 1965, § 32.01]
The following definitions shall apply in the construction of this chapter:
All occupations, callings, professions, trades, pursuits, dealers, enterprises, corporations, firms, institutions, manufacturers, merchants and other commercial or profit making establishments, subject to tax by the City, whether temporary, seasonal, intermittent or permanent.
Any activity, use, vocation, pursuit, hobby, status, thing or other subject taxable under this chapter other than a business as herein defined, whether or not sales are conducted or made.
A business, calling, trade or other profit making enterprise.
One who conducts, manages or carries on a business or enterprise.
Operating six months or more per year.
Selling, trading, dealing or rendering any service or supplying any commodities, thing, use, facility or right or doing any other thing, or permitting anything to be done or used, for which a price, fee, commission, admission, rental or other costs profit or revenue is charged or derived.
Indefinite, or on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, or other period of less than six months, or for an undetermined, intermittent or indefinite time.
[Ord. No. 2085, § 1, 1-27-1987]
All so-called "garage sales" or other sales involving the offering for sale of multiple items of personal property on property zoned and occupied as "residential" shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:
No person shall accept to take in for sale any goods from any commercial business or enterprise on a consignment basis.
Not more than three such sales per year shall be held at the premises if occupied by the same family or any member of such family.
Any sale conducted pursuant to the provisions hereof shall not extend in excess of two days.
One sign directing clients to the garage sale may be placed on an appropriate public right-of-way for the duration of the sale only, and no signs advertising such sale shall be placed on the property of another or the City right-of-way abutting such property without the consent of such other property owner.
It shall be unlawful for any person to violate any of the provisions of subsection (a) hereof, and any person convicted of such violation shall be punished in accordance with § 1-6 of this Code.
The provisions of this section shall not apply to or affect persons selling goods pursuant to an order of process of a court of competent jurisdiction or persons acting in accordance with their power and duties as public officials or in the capacity of auctioneers at a public sale.