Township of Winslow, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Winslow 9-27-05 as Ord. No. O-26-05. Amendments noted where applicable.]
A limousine.
Any automobile or motor car used in the business carrying passengers for hire to provide prearranged passenger transportation at a premium fare on a dedicated, nonscheduled, charter basis that is not conducted on a regular route and with a seating capacity in no event of more than fourteen (14) passengers, not including the driver, provided, that such vehicle shall not have a seating capacity in excess of four (4) passengers, not including the driver, beyond the maximum passenger seating capacity of the vehicle, not including the driver, at the time of manufacture. Nothing in this chapter contained herein shall be construed to include taxicabs, hotel buses or buses employed solely in transporting school children or teachers or vehicles owned and operated directly or indirectly by businesses engaged in the practice of mortuary science when those vehicles are used exclusively for providing transportation related to the provision of funeral services, autobuses which are subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, or intersection autobuses required by Federal or State law or regulations of the Department of Transportation to carry insurance against loss from liability imposed by law on account of bodily injury or death.
The business of carrying passengers for hire by limousines.
Any individual, copartnership, association, corporation, or joint stock company, their lessees, trustees or receivers appointed by any court whatsoever.
In reference to a municipality, the location of the main place of business of the limousine service in the municipality where limousine service is conducted, where limousines are displaced, or where limousine drivers report for duty.
Any street, avenue, park, parkway, highway, or other public place.
Except as provided in Section 14 of P.L. 1999, c. 356 (C. 48:16-22.4), no limousine shall be operated wholly or partly along any street in any municipality until the owner of the limousine shall have filed with the clerk of the municipality in which the owner has his principal place of business, an insurance policy of the company duly licensed to transact business under the insurance laws of this State in the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.) against loss by reason of the liability imposed by law upon every limousine owner for damages on account of bodily injury or death suffered by any person as the result of an accident occurring by reason of the ownership, maintenance or use of the limousine upon any public street. This insurance company shall supply to the Director of the Motor Vehicle Commission notice concerning all motor vehicle liability insurance policies canceled for nonpayment and new policies issued after the effective date of P.L. 2001, c. 416 (C. 33:1-1 et al). The notice shall be supplied monthly. After receipt of the notice of cancellation, the Commission shall notify the owner of the date the policy was cancelled. If the director has not received proof of liability insurance within thirty (30) days of the date the notification was sent to the owner, the director shall suspend the registration of the limousine until new proof is supplied that motor vehicle liability insurance has been secured for the limousine. If the owner fails to provide proof of insurance or surrender the license plates within sixty (60) days of the date the notification was sent to him by the Commission, the Commission shall suspend the owner's corporation code registration privilege.
Such operation shall be permitted only so long as the insurance policy shall remain in force to the full and collectible amount of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.).
The insurance policy shall provide for the payment of any final judgment recovered by any person on account of the ownership, maintenance and use of such limousine or any fault in respect thereto, and shall be for the benefit of every person suffering loss, damage or injury as aforesaid.
The fee to be paid for a license to operate a limousine business within the Township of Winslow shall be fifty dollars ($50.) per year.
The clerk of the municipality, in which the owner has his principal place of business, upon the filing of the required insurance policy and the payment of a fee which shall not exceed fifty dollars ($50.), shall issue in duplicate a license to operate showing that the owner of the limousine has complied with the terms and provisions of this chapter.
The license shall recite the name of the insurance company, the number and date of expiration of the policy, a description of every limousine insured thereunder, and the registration number of the same.
The duplicate license shall be filed with the Motor Vehicle Commission before any such car is registered as a limousine.
The original license shall be retained within the limousine and shall be available for inspection by any police officer in the State. In lieu of the recital of insurance information required on the license pursuant to this section, the owner of a limousine may affix to the original license retained within the limousine a notarized letter from an insurance company containing the same insurance information required in the recital, which shall constitute proof of insurance coverage, and which shall also be available for inspection by any police officer in the State. A copy of the notarized letter shall constitute proof to the Director of the Motor Vehicle Commission, that the applicant has complied with the insurance provisions of this section.
All licenses granted hereunder shall expire on the first day of July succeeding the date of issue. In the case of an application for a limousine license made after the first day of January in any year, the fee to be paid therefor shall be one half (1/2) the amount set forth in Section 172-3.
Every holder of a limousine license, when driving or operating any vehicle therein, is required to be licensed and shall have in their possession the license issued by the Township of Winslow.
All limousines shall comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A. 48:16-13 et seq. regulating the operation of limousines in the State of New Jersey, to include carrying an insurance policy in the amount set forth in N.J.S.A. 48:16-14.
Any person violating or failing to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall have the license revoked, and upon conviction shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.). The continuation of such violation for each successive day shall constitute a separate offense, and the person or persons allowing or permitting the continuation of the violation may be subject to punishment as provided above for each separate offense.