County of York, VA
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[Ord. No. 05-13(R), 5-17-2005; Ord. No. 10-24, 12-21-2010]
Statement of intent. The EO district is intended to guide a mix of commercial, tourist-related, and limited industrial uses to certain portions of the County identified in the comprehensive plan that have or are projected to have the access and infrastructure necessary to support both capital and employment intensive uses. Development in these locations is expected to be in keeping with that of the surrounding development and sensitive to the natural environment.
Dimensional standards. Each lot created or used shall be subject to the following dimensional standards:
EO-Economic Opportunity District
Use Classification
Minimum Lot Requirements
Minimum Yard Requirements
Maximum Building Height
All Permitted & Special Uses
20,000 square feet
100 feet
45 feet
10 feet
10 feet
75 feet
Minimum district size: none
These minimum lot requirements apply where both public water and public sewer are available. For lots not served by public water and public sewer, refer to § 24.1-204.
Performance standards and special use permit requirements or conditions may increase yard and lot requirements. See Article IV.
Special requirements.
Outdoor storage of goods or materials shall:
Not be permitted in any front yards;
Not encroach upon any required landscaping;
Not encroach upon any required parking or loading zoning space;
Be screened from public rights-of-way or adjoining properties which are zoned or used less intensively.
Outdoor display of merchandise shall be permitted in any yard area provided that such display:
Shall not encroach upon any required perimeter infiltration yards adjoining a lot line;
Shall not encroach upon any required parking or loading space;
When located in any front yard, shall be limited to that merchandise which is in working order and ready for sale; and
Shall not cause injury or harm or reduce the viability of any required landscaping.
All uses shall be conducted so as not to produce hazardous, objectionable or offensive conditions at or beyond property line boundaries by reason of odor, dust, lint, smoke, cinders, fumes, noise, vibration, heat, glare, solid and liquid wastes, fire or explosion.
Other provisions of this ordinance notwithstanding, the use of trailers, as defined in § 24.1-104, for outdoor storage purposes in conjunction with a principal permitted use shall be permitted by special exception approved by the board of supervisors subsequent to conducting a duly advertised public hearing. Such activity shall be subject to the following standards and such others as the board may deem appropriate:
The use of trailers/cargo units shall be clearly accessory and incidental to the principal use of the property.
Such trailer or cargo unit shall not be visible from any adjacent right-of-way and shall be screened from view from such rights-of-way and adjacent properties by a walled enclosure at least two feet higher than the height of the tallest trailer/cargo unit with such wall being constructed of as an extension of the principal building.
The exterior finish of the enclosure wall shall match and/or complement the faces of the principal building with which it is aligned.
The wall shall incorporate articulations, pilasters, belt and/or header courses or other decorative treatments to break up any continuous linear expanse greater than 25 feet in length.
Landscaping shall be placed around the perimeter of the enclosure in accordance with the building perimeter landscaping requirements specified by this chapter.
The above provisions notwithstanding, the zoning administrator may authorize the placement of such trailers/cargo units on a site without need for installation of the walled enclosure in situations where the trailers/cargo units are totally obscured from view from any public roadway or customer parking area by virtue of their placement behind a building or buildings on the site and when such units can be effectively screened from view from adjacent properties by buildings, fencing, landscaping, topography or distance.