County of York, VA
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All off-street parking and loading space for limited industrial uses shall be located not less than 35 feet from any residential property line and shall be effectively screened from view from adjacent residential properties by landscaping, supplemented, as necessary, by appropriate fencing materials.
Structures of 30,000 square feet or greater shall have fire lanes surrounding the structure(s) unless approved otherwise by the director of public safety.
Bay doors shall be oriented away from streets and residential properties or screened from direct views by landscape means.
Outdoor lighting shall be sufficient to protect public safety; however, it shall not cast unreasonable or objectionable glare on adjacent properties and streets.
Outdoor speaker or paging systems shall be directed away from property lines and shall be designed to prevent objectionable noise levels on adjacent properties or streets.
All industrial uses shall be conducted so as not to produce hazardous, objectionable or offensive conditions at or beyond property line boundaries by reason of odor, dust, lint, smoke, cinders, fumes, noise, vibration, heat, glare, solid and liquid wastes, fire or explosion.
Service drives or other areas shall be provided for off-street loading in such a way that in the process of loading or unloading, no truck will block the passage of other vehicles on the service drive or extend into any fire lane or other public or private drive or street used for circulation.
Storage yards for construction materials and equipment shall be designed and located so as to minimize visual impacts on adjacent properties and public rights-of-way. Landscaping supplemented by fencing, if necessary, shall be required to enclose and screen such storage yards from direct views from adjacent public streets or from adjacent commercial or residential properties. The location of such outdoor storage areas shall be consistent with all applicable standards of the district in which located.
All portions of such storage yards shall be treated and maintained in such manner as to prevent dust or debris from blowing or spreading onto adjoining properties or onto any public right-of-way. Such yards shall be maintained in a clean and orderly manner. Junk construction residue and debris shall not be permitted to be stored.
All necessary state and federal environmental permits for the printing process shall be obtained, or evidence that they are not required provided, prior to approval of any plan of development for publishing and printing establishments.
Unless operated within a fully enclosed building with sound attenuation materials or devices, mechanical motorized equipment shall not be located within 200 feet of any adjoining property which is within a residential zoning district. This shall not be interpreted to preclude the occasional use of trucks and loading or moving equipment, but is intended to apply to permanent or semi-permanent installation of large processing equipment.
The proposed use shall have access to a public street of sufficient capacity to convey the anticipated traffic associated with the proposed use, as verified by a traffic impact statement provided by the applicant. Unless otherwise stipulated by the zoning administrator in recognition of the scale of the proposed use, the traffic impact statement need not be prepared in full compliance with Article II, Division IV, but shall be sufficient to determine whether the adjacent roads have sufficient capacity to accommodate the use.
When located adjacent to or near residential area, sound baffles or other noise attenuation devices and structures shall be utilized to prevent noise in excess of normal residential area background noise from being audible on adjacent and nearby residential properties.