Township of Millstone, NJ
Monmouth County
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[1971 Code § 32-1; Ord. No. 80-9]
The right to farm throughout the Township is recognized as a natural right, regardless of zoning designation, specified uses or prohibited uses set forth elsewhere, subject to the restrictions and regulations for intensive fowl or livestock farms and subject to the Township's health and sanitary codes.
[1971 Code § 32-2; Ord. No. 80-9]
The right to farm as used herein includes the use of irrigation pumps and equipment, aerial and ground seeding and spraying, tractors, farm laborers and the application of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides; for the purpose of producing from the land agricultural products, including vegetables, grains, hay, fruits, fibers, wood, trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and seeds. The right to farm also includes the right to use land for grazing by animals, subject to restrictions for intensive fowl or livestock farms.
[1971 Code § 32-3; Ord. No. 80-9]
The foregoing uses and activities included in the right to farm, when reasonable and necessary for the particular farming, livestock or fowl production and when conducted in accordance with generally accepted agricultural practices, may occur on holidays, Sundays and weekdays, at night and in the day; the noise, odors, dust and fumes created are also specifically permitted as part of the exercise of this right.
[1971 Code, § 32-4; Ord. No. 80-9]
It is expressly found that any inconvenience caused to others by such uses and activities is more than offset by the benefits from farming to the neighborhood and community, to society in general, by the preservation of open space, by the beauty of the countryside, and by the preservation and continuance of farming operations in Millstone Township and in New Jersey as a source of agricultural products for this and future generations.
[Ord. No. 99-25, § I]
Developers of property for residential use shall give notice as specified in Chapter 35, Section 35-11-26, to prospective purchasers that there is existing or potential farm use of adjacent property.